My Starbucks Planner 2015

I got my Starbucks planner last year during my birthday with the help of my good friend for the stickers πŸ™‚


I choose the color brown πŸ™‚ I believe everyone likes the brown one. The Starbucks planner for 2015 has four colors to choose from four colors only the brown one stands out which comes in a different design with a Siren holding a cup of coffee, while the other three is plain color of green, red and black with Starbucks logo.

The 2015 planner is carefully and nicely wrapped in a foil pack which comes with the following;

1. It comes with a name tag bookmark
2. Coffee pin bookmark
3. Chalk pen with highlighter
4. Fifteen coupons with starbucks treats
What I love with this planner
1. I love the simple design
2. I love the size it’s perfect for my everyday bag
3. It’s a light weight planner
4. I love the paper it comes with a good quality and thick
5. Bigger spaces for notes



Excited to fill this planner with my 2015 notes, goals, plans and my everyday moments


  1. Jen
  2. Ayi
    • Mommy Anna

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