Trick or Treat? Makati closes off Paseo de Roxas for another culinary Street Meet!


Scary ghouls and goblins, jack-o-lanterns and witches will descend upon Paseo de Roxas, promising not just tricks but also lots of treats at the Makati Street Meet this 23rd of October.

Makati will once again prove its distinct city vibe and vibrant community spirit as it transforms an iconic business avenue into a culinary street meet.  A strip of Paseo de Roxas will again be closed as Make It Makati hosts its second Street Meet, bringing together gastronomic delights, a kiddie fun fair and great entertainment for all.

Amidst the trick and treating, musical performances and family activities await everyone at the Makati Street Meet, which promises to delight everyone with spook-tacular experiences and lots of really good food.



Little Kulit 6th Birthday

Last October 10 we celebrated our little kulit 6th birthday in his school. He is so excited for this one, over the weekend he keeps on asking about an update for his coming mini birthday party. Imagine he is asking me like this “How about my cake mom, is it done already?’, “My loot bags complete na ba?”, “How about the food”, “Mom you have to be there during my Binhi time”. O diba parang matanda na ang kausap ko.

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Busy Weekend and Divisoria Finds

For one week hubby and I will left the house on or before  6am to be with our respective office by 7am, as much as I wanted to sleep over the weekend I have a lot of things to do since #littlekulit birthday will be on Monday.

Saturday, I prepared our lunch and dinner.  I treated my mom in a spa and we had snack in BF Homes, I sort clothes for our laundry and of course every Saturday it’s our worksheet day, kahit sobrang hirap turuan kasi puro laro gusto we are able to finish 10 pages of his worksheets.

Fish fillet for our lunch

Sunday, hubby and I went to Manila to buy stuffs for little kulit loot bag. From 168 mall we have to walk another block to reach the Divisoria Mall, for your information lovely mommies okay an ang divisoria mall malinis and bago na and safe na maglakad wala na masyado vendors. We are able to buy here the toys that he really likes and mas cheaper compare it to 168 mall maybe because here you can buy it in wholesale. Sarap mamili ng toys, we also got here the balloons and loot bags.

Here are some of the toys that available in Divisoria

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The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher: Your Defense Against the Threats of Dengue and Zika

Being a mom one of our priorities is to make sure that our kids are safe and healthy. As much as possible we are giving our best to protect them we give our 100% 🙂 To keep them healthy aside from giving them proper nutrients is making it sure that our surroundings is clean, to protect them from any diseases. Now a days there are lot of diseases are coming out and it’s not treatable and this is our greatest fear; seeing our kids in pain. One of the causes is coming from the mosquitoes, and I am so glad that SHARP is come up with this product that can help us to trap mosquitoes and at the same time releases positive and negative ions through its Plasmacluster Ion Technology , these ions clean the air and eliminate molds, odors, and airborne bacteria to ensure all-around, 24/7 protection for your loved ones.


Manila, Philippines—With the World Health Organization naming mosquito as the number one animal threat to humans, a tropical country like the Philippines, where mosquitoes are very rampant, must always be vigilant for any oncoming Dengue outbreaks. The government has so far faced these threats with readiness and practice.


Security Bank Offers Human Switch Kit

For a busy mom like me opening a new account is a big hassle, going to the bank is a struggle for me since ang hirap maghanap ng parking sa bank and besides its time consuming. When I heard about the Security Bank Human Switch Kit, I immediately check their site, the “Human Switch Kit” is a service where you will log in to set an appointment. The bank representative will call and they will assist you with your account opening. They will ask you to prepare the documents, they will pick it up, process in their branch, once the account is already open they will deliver the passbook and ATM card to you.


At first I was hesitant, then I give it a try I filled up the form in online with my name, mobile number email, preferred branch .and click switch. I filled up the form around 7pm the next day I got a call from the bank representative to confirm my application and when we can meet, I asked her to go to my office, she already mentioned what requirements that I need to prepare. You can check it here what kind of account do you want to open.


Little Kulit 6th Mini Birthday Party Planning

October is my Little Kulit birth month, few days from now he will turn six. He is so excited for his birthday, last year he asked to have a staycation and new tobot toys, this year his first choice is an angry bird birthday theme as an excited mom I already searched from some materials and canvassed his birthday cake. But all of sudden because of a pokemon craze he changed his mind and he want this theme now. What I can do but to please my one and only son. He will have a mini party in his school; we just have 45 minutes to do it all. As early as September he keeps on asking me for an update. He is also part of the planning, he choose his own cake design, his invitation, even the food that we ordered siya ang namili. Of course we guide him, hindi naman basta tinuro niya iyon n yun we make it sure that everything fits well.

As of now here is the peg for his mini school party


For the food he chooses McDonalds, before kasi Jollibee na siya. We ordered Chicken with spaghetti, we will buy bottled water for the drink and cupcake for the sweets.

As of the moment, this is our peg we will be going to Manila this weekend for his loot bag.

Actually we are all excited for his birthday 🙂 mas excited ako mag Manila he he he







Give your child the ride of his life by winning his first luxurious supercar


NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR gives you a chance to win 1 out of 20 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadsters Electric Toy Car!

For children, growing up means experiencing many exciting firsts like getting to know new playmates, tinkering with toys and gadgets or playing outdoor games. Preschool life is all about discovering a whole new world of fun!  And what can be more exhilarating for your kid than being able to drive a 2-door luxury roadster from Mercedes-Benz?

Give your kid his very first Mercedes-Benz Electric Toy Car –a child-sized, electric version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. It will surely make him squeal with delight!

His very first car will not only allow him to discover the joy of driving and being in control but also hone his coordination and gross-motor skills.

Little Kulit loves to drive the red Mercedez Benz during the NAN KID My Kidz Benz Media Launch


Aktibot Malakas ang Batang Nutri10Plus

My Little Kulit is so active, walang kapaguran tulog lang ang pahinga. He can play all the day he wants to try everything; he loves sports also at the same time he is now grade 1 it means he stays longer in the school and he has a lot of projects and assignments.  But despite all of his activities he is a healthy little boy. Our secret is his vitamins, its Nutri10Plus 🙂 I really recommend this vitamin it really works.

Nutri10Plus also helps to strengthen my son immune system, hindi siya madali magkasakit and magkasipon at the same time mas lalo gumana kumain. With Nutri10Plus, I am confident that he has a healthier body and energy to sustain his everyday routine.


To give you an idea what is the ingredients of Nutri10Plus, every 5Ml contains CGF that can help kids to grow fast, Taurine that helps our kids smart and this is true my Little kulit is so smart, Lysine appetite stimulant important in weight gain, you can see naman with my son how big he is in his age, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1-Thiamine, Vitamin B2-Roboflavin, Vitamin B3-Niacin, Vitamin B-5Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B5.


Lovely mommies give your kids Nutri10Plus Syrup,  “DAHIL AKTIBO’T MALAKAS ANG BATANG NUTRI10PLUS”  .

For more information visit WERT PHILIPPINES in facebook

Seven Years Itch is Real

Yesterday is our seventh year wedding anniversary 🙂  if you are asking me if seven years itch is real, my answer is YES (This is my own opinion and experience). Of course it’s up to you as a couple to work on your differences.


This year is a big challenge for us a couple, we had a lot of trials, there are times that I want to give up and I keep on crying and praying and asking God if what is His plan for us.  Hubby also had a hard time in fixing things between us, because of our differences.  There is a time that I am asking him to leave us alone, I am asking him to leave the house even for a week. Our misunderstanding is not about THIRD PARTY it is more that we became self-centred individuals, we feel so comfortable that we are married couple but we forget that we are also friends, we become more focus with our Little Kulit, we forget that we are partners. I focused on being a good mom and I am not aware that I took for granted my husband. Hubby becomes dependent with his game in his phone to ease his boredom. It’s too late for us to realize that our relationship is on the rock. And this time GOD entered in our lives and He remind us that


Top 2 Online Children’s Catalogues

If you’re looking for an alternative place to purchase gifts for your children than the UK high street, a catalogue might be what you’re looking for. Unlike traditional big name retailers, you can spread the cost of your payments over time, something that might help you budget better. But that’s not all. You can have your items delivered to your door and choose from thousands of items in one place.

1. Argos

Argos is one of the most popular catalogue companies, with a broad range of children’s toys. These include games consoles, books, DVDs and much more. The Argos Card lets you pay for any purchases you order in instalments via a number of different ways. You’ll be able it here, over the phone or in your nearest branch, and, once you’re accepted, you can have your order delivered in as little as one day. Argos will send you a monthly statement with details of your purchases so you can keep on top of payments. You can also make repayments online, over the phone or at your nearest Argos store.

2. The Brilliant Gift Shop

The Brilliant Gift Shop stocks gadgets and gizmos that you won’t always find on the high street, including unique gifts that your little ones will love. Just like with Argos, you can spread the cost of your payments and have your order delivered to your door. You can use a voucher code on your order, too, an excellent way to save money. You will be prompted to enter your code during the checkout process, and you could make a huge saving on delivery or the total cost of your order. If you sign up to the retailer’s social media pages and mailing list, you could be first to hear about the latest discounts. The Brilliant Gift Shop stocks toys, games and much more. Finding a gift for your child couldn’t be easier: just use the search feature or discover the latest products on the landing page.

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