Family Saturdate

Little Kulit is always looking forward every weekend 🙂 if his dad needs to work on Saturday, I make it sure that we will spend time together and every Sunday we will go out with the whole family.

Last Saturday, hubby is home Sunday daw pasok niya, lagi sila may overtime because they need to reach their quota around 27-30 Million. So we make the day most out of it.

I cooked pork tonkatsu for or lunch, super benta kay Little Kulit 🙂


His dad promised him that they will play bowling in Sm Southmall, unfortunately grabe ang traffic more than 1 hour na nasa may Alabang pa lang kami so we ended up in Evia. We just had merienda and we roam around. Little Kulit is so happy playing in the fountain. Nothing so much to do here pa more restaurants pa lang ang open.


My Beauty MNL shopping experience

When I am stress or not doing anything I love to browse in online shops, parang window shopping lang ang peg 🙂 If budget permits and if I need something I know na which site I can get the items that I want.

It’s been a while that I am browsing Beauty MNL website, I love the products they offer and love reading product reviews.  Before I buy online I make it sure that the online store is reputable and they have a wide of variety of products to choose from.

BEAUTY MNL is a beauty site in the Philippines which you can visit that offers a wide variety of beauty products from the skin, hair, makeup and some accessories, they offer more than a hundred of different brands.


One day over the two hours traffic and not doing anything inside the car, I browsed once again the site of BEAUTY MNL, in time na din kasi I am looking for a lipstick and pressed powder so I decided to purchase here. Instead of going to the mall and looking for a parking is a struggle also. #epektongtraffic #onlineshopping.


I love the site, it’s easy to navigate, and you can look for the products by brand, variety or per category. Products are well described with complete specifications and you can even read some product reviews and some articles. It is so helpful to the buyers to read it first before to purchase anything.

I decided to purchase the following;

  1. Biore Micellar Water
  2. Maybelline Sensational Lasting Lipcolor
  3. Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Pressed Powder

Beauty MNL offers next day delivery for Metro Manila address. Payment can be thru paypal, credit card, bank deposit or cash on delivery with a minimum amount of Php 5,000.00


Payment options-Paypal-Bank Deposit-Cash on Delivery

And as promised my order is delivered on the next day 🙂 All items are carefully packed by a bubble wrap. I also got freebies from vaseline and dove.


2Now I am excited to try everything 🙂

Lovely mommies and ladies if you love taking selfies, join Beauty MNL #selfieMNL contest and get a chance to win a printster polaroid of your pretty face and Php 2000 BeautyMNL GC Click here for more details

You can get updates on the following about BeautyMNL

Facebook :






Luxury While Your Cat Is Away From Home

When you have to leave home and can’t take your cat with you, consider taking your furry friend to a luxury cat boarding facility. This is a facility that offers all of the amenities that your cat would find at home so that both of you can relax while you’re away. While most kennels offer the same amenities for all animals, a luxury location will often offer a little more in the way of personal care and nicer items for the pet to enjoy.


Your cat should feel secure and loved while away from home. Most luxury facilities will offer a suite for your cat instead of the traditional small area surrounded by a fence. There are usually toys to play with and sometimes a cat tower to climb on during the day or sleep on at night. Some locations have sky boxes on the windows so that cats can look outside. Entertainment is designed with the cat in mind. Staff members will often work individually with the cats at the facility so that they get the special attention that they are accustomed to getting at home.


Food is another are where a luxury facility will usually offer a better selection than a traditional kennel. You can take your own food and treats to most locations, or you can let the facility use their high quality food that is offered. A meal is usually given in the morning and in the evening with a treat during the day. Water is provided on a continuous basis.


There are times when some of the cats can interact with each other. They have a large space to play so that they can socialize and get the exercise that they need instead of laying around all day. Most play areas are outdoors so that cats can get fresh air. Luxury facilities are often climate-controlled so that animals are comfortable while there. Music is sometimes played to relax cats. This can help them go to sleep at night or relax during the day after playing. You can usually view a video of your cat online while you’re away to monitor what it is doing and how it’s treated.

Tres Marias in Action

We are so lucky to have a man in our lives, which love us unconditionally and have a lot of patience dealing with us and that wonderful man is our DEAR DAD. Up to now he treats us like babies who check our car, being our driver if we need him, a body guard in other words he is our super dad. And personally I am so lucky to have him, he is the best when it comes taking good care of my Little Kulit from the day of my pregnancy, giving birth and up to now he is the one who is taking good care of my son from house to school and no words can fit how thankful  I am.

And now it’s our turn to make his day special 🙂 my dad loves to give surprise party with my mom, but as far as I remember once pa lang na surprise party si dad during his 40th birthday and after 25 years and for one day preparation we are able to put up everything.  This how tres marias work 🙂



The Mane Event of Going Straight Salon

I am not born with a straight and shiny hair, in fact as early as six years old I have a white hair.  That is why I am very conscious with it, when I was still in grade school I always put my hair up and with a headband. I have a lot of head bands and pony tail by that time. When I was high school my dad brings me to the salon and has my hair straighten, I am so happy with the result. When I started working I shifted to hair relaxing and now into rebonding

Few weeks ago, I was invited for The Mane Event of Going Straight Salon partnership with Nouvelle, first I was hesitant since it will be in Sm North Edsa, but my hair is long overdue for a hair colour and since Going Straight is my favorite salon when it comes to my hair cut and treatments, I know that I am in a good hands.

Since I am living from the South and going to North is a struggle I am the first one in the salon 🙂 the good thing I was able to explore on what will have for the day, and I am so excited to try it on.

goingstraight-salon-logo (more…)

Makati closes off Paseo de Roxas for a culinary Block Party

Mouth-watering gastronomic delights, a kiddie fun fair, and great entertainment await everyone at the Makati Block Party, which promises to delight everyone on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

Capitalizing on the distinct Makati vibe and community spirit, the business district’s iconic avenues will be transformed into a culinary street party that will feature some of the most well-loved vendors of the famed Salcedo weekend market, a revered Makati tradition, and benchmark of all weekend markets around the country. Over the years, Salcedo Market has become the melting pot of Makati residents and guests who come over each weekend to relax and come together as a community.

The Makati Block Party recreates this community spirit, and takes it several notches higher with the partial road closure of Paseo de Roxas, a major city thoroughfare, for this culinary street experience.  For one afternoon, the city’s pedestrian-friendly streets will come alive with friendly banter and the street vibe that is distinctly, uniquely Makati’s. With the party happening footsteps away from famous Ayala Avenue landmarks, people can simply walk to take part in the community festivities.

The Makati Block Party promises something for everybody, from 4PM until 10PM, Paseo de Roxas, the stretch between Ayala Avenue to Makati Avenue adjacent to the Ayala Triangle Gardens, will be transformed into a gastronomic festival centered on Salcedo Market, with lots of exciting activities synonymous to Makati’s hip lifestyle. A curated selection of Salcedo Market vendors will be on hand for a culinary street extravaganza as they serve up their signature offerings that people from all over Metro Manila come for every weekend – baked goods, artisanal delights, hometown favorites, and the most luscious concoctions whipped up by homegrown chefs and foodies.


“We aim to create communal spaces where residents and friends can converge, so that we can bring the community closer together. Over the years, the Salcedo Market has served this purpose.  The Makati Block Party builds on this tradition and takes it to the streets, with the hope to get the Makati community to use the streets more for activities and things that they love to do,” said Shiella Aguilar, Project Development Manager of Makati.

Kids who tag along with their parents can look forward to fun-filled activities at Kids on the Block by Hunt & Gather. Let the kids discover their inner artist with art and crown-making sessions, or play to their heart’s content with interactive fun

For those who are just lounging around, musical performances by Vince Lahorra’s Quartet and Johnoy Danao will keep everyone entertained throughout the evening.  As an added treat, Snoopy and The Lorax will be ready to meet and greet all the kids and young at heart.

Wellness buffs and strained souls can find some relaxation with free yoga sessions at the Ayala Triangle Gardens with a Vinyasa Music Night Class by Urban Ashram Manila.

The Makati Block Party once again showcases Makati as the go-to destination for the best food, entertainment and lifestyle offerings as it imprints a great community vibe. It also captures the city’s efforts to increase walkability in the area by providing activities that encourage people to actively use its streets.

“The Makati Block Party gives residents and visitors something fun and relaxing to do, right in their own community, on a weekend. It’s our way of bringing activities and treats that residents love and enjoy, just a few steps away from where they live. We want people to discover that there’s lots to do and enjoy just by walking and exploring the streets of the city,” said Aguilar.

Participating food vendors are Down to Earth, Uncle George Gourmet, Plaza Ilocandia, Sabor. Bun Appetit, Dela Rosa’s Deli, La Cuisine, Real Girl Toy Kitchen, Connie’s Kitchen, al halabi, Jiro’s Lechon, Delicane, Authentic House of Curry, Mgourmet, Merry Moo, Johanna’s House Of Lumpia, All best Organic Juices, Gostoso Piri Piri, THC, Don Churro, Michelle’s homemade putong ube atbp.,Grace Pate, Rita’s Kitchen, Bersi Gyros Shawarma, Tuna Town seafood place, Stanford Shaw Brew, Cheryl’s Cuisine, Antipolo Delicacies, Bats Tilapia, MCV Trading, and Haici Food Services.

Kids On The Block activities by Hunt and Gather include Painting with Learning on the Gogh, Crown Making with Little Luli, Decoupage and Upcycling Activities with La Pomme Home, Free Play and Active Fun by Playworks ECC, and Science, Art and Music with Hedcen.

The Makati Block Party is supported by Alveo, Magnavision, Urban Ashram Manila, Hunt & Gather.

Admission to all Makati Block Party activities is FREE on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. For more information about the city that makes it happen, visit or like and follow Make It Makati on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

My Little Kulit Grade One Scenario

I am now in the stage raising my Little kulit in grade school which is more complicated because he has 10 subjects, we don’t have any tutor because he does not want other people to teach him, ako lang daw.  He is so overwhelmed with his studies right now, ang tagal mag sink in sa kanya that he is now in the next stage of his schooling, not play time all the time. He is having a hard time in Filipino subjects, what we can do majority of his subject is in Filipino language, it’s a struggle for us every night to teach him in Filipino, if math and English walang ka problema turuan ako naman ang naloloka sa math, malay ko sa ba sa decomposed and composed number na iyan 🙂

My grade one :-)


Establishing a routine and choosing high quality products are keys to good personal hygiene

Our bodies are our temples. We are encouraged to take good care of it and treat it with utmost respect. Aside from eating healthy food and maintaining a good physique, keeping a good personal hygiene routine is also another factor to help us feel and look better.

Following a hygiene routine is effective in protecting ourselves from illnesses as well as beautification. It is recommended that we not only wash our faces twice a day, but also follow the basic skincare regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to ensure that all dirt accumulated on our faces throughout the day are removed. Observing good oral hygiene is equally important, with dentists recommending that we brush and floss our teeth every after meal to prevent disease-causing plaque from forming.

Aside from following these routines, we also need high quality “support” products such as cotton and toothbrushes as choosing sub-par products may harm our bodies. This is why it’s important to scrutinize the products we use.

For 30 years, Cleene, the leading personal care brand, has been providing Filipinos with high-quality cotton, tissues, toothbrushes and rubbing alcohol. The range of Cleene personal care products under Philusa Corporation plays a huge role in cleansing and grooming our bodies that help us prevent infections.

“Philusa has maintained a strong commitment of providing Filipinos with a wide range of high quality yet affordable products. In the personal care category, we have the Cleene brand which is trusted for years,” Philusa President Neogin A. Evangelista said.


Basta Kid Allergy Allerkid

I have an allergy with chicken and sea foods I also have a skin asthma that is why I have sensitive skin. When I gave birth our pedia prescribed Nan HW for my son because he might have an allergy also. He was 8 months old when we discovered that he is allergy with peanuts, we are in Baguio by that time after a small bite of food with peanuts bigla siya nagsuka and he had some rushes. From thereon, we become very conscious with the food he intake, his skin also sensitive and he has allergic rhinitis kaya mabilis mangati and if there is a dust around the corner or we have a general cleaning bigla na lang hatsing.

It’s been very hard for me to find a best medicine for him; he is so picky drinking medicine compare to his vitamins. That is why I am very thankful to Alelrkid  controls allergy in as fast as 20 minutes that lasts up to 24 hours, thus it can only be taken once a day. Kids will surely love the great grape taste of Allerkid because it uses TasteRite Technology which masks the bitter taste of medicines.

2 (more…)

My Little Kulit is now in Grade 1

Whoa! Time really flies he is now grade one; he is turning six this October. I keep on praying that please don’t grow up too fast but I have to accept the reality that few years from now he will be no longer my baby.

My first plan is to transfer him in big school, but after weighing the pros and cons we decided to let him stay in his old school until grade three. We also asked him if he wants to transfer na or stay for a while, for me kasi I value his opinion siya kasi ang magaaral and he choose to stay.

1 (more…)

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