39th Anniversary

I have to admit, growing up is not easy I am so stubborn or let’s say I am a black sheep in the family. Not in the way that I’ve been to drugs, alcohol addict or teenage pregnancy, it’s just that I want to be independent; I want to be on my own. I want to be with my friends all day and spend my time with them. Growing up with a family who observes family dinner, weekends and holidays is sacred, family time is a must it so hard since I cannot do whatever I like, napaka hirap magpaalam with my dad so ang tendency either I lie or I skip classes, but the consequence is once I got caught for sure sermon na naman.  Maybe this is really the stage of “HIGHSCHOOL LIFE”, but at the end of the day I thanked them for being strict or else my life would be the same as now.

But when I started working in Jollibee, this is the time that I realized the true meaning and importance of family. Whenever I have weekend shift, naiingit ako sa mga family na magkakasama dapat ako din. I also experience working during holidays even Christmas and New Year, deep inside I’m hurting and that is the time that I decided to quit and look for another job.

When I am already in the corporate world, my officemate would always asked me to have dinner with them, most of the time I declined because my parents is waiting for me,  karamihan sa kanila they eat alone or wala nag prepare ng home cooked meals. They also asked me to bond with them during weekends and holidays because they do not have family time. It’s another realization for me how lucky I am to have a family who observes family time.


Visiting Kamay ni Hesus

January 14 is our first out of town trip for this year, we went to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon. It’s an extra ordinary trip for us because we are not Catholic and we are not devotee. But whatever our religion is we just one have God, we decided to pay a visit here to pray, wish and ask for guidance in our everyday lives.

Our first out of trip for this year

It’s my first time here and I am excited and thrilled to climb up the 300 steps, sana makaya ko. Hubby and I just have one wish, we are praying to have another baby for this year or next year and we are hoping for a healthy baby girl, of course our Little Kulit is so excited to pray with us also.


My Birthday

Oh it’s super duper late post -)

I love my birthday last year, because it falls on weekend. We decided to have a staycation in Sommerset Alabang together with my parents and sister to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary. Since December is my busiest month and all my weekends were fully booked I need to maximize my time.  Parang ang bilis lang din ng December kasi  pero ang daming ganap.

I had a long weekend birthday celebration, feel na feel  ko kasi 🙂 Friday night we had dinner at Sambokojin Southmall with my two boys.



My Planner for this year

When I got my Starbucks planner 2017 last December I am so excited to use it. I love the design ang ganda parang ayaw mo na sulatan. I got the Blue Siren, the design is unique compare to the coffee stains design and blue is one of my favorite color.

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Little Kulit and Santa Claus

Do you believe in Santa Claus???


I grew up writing a letter with Santa Claus every Christmas and dreaming that he will get it on the next day. With full of smile I will immediately check my Christmas sock if the letter is gone I am jumping with excitement that Santa Claus got my letter and I will have my gift on the Christmas day.

Of course my parents is the one who will grant my Christmas wish, it took me three years believing with Santa Claus and I do not have any regrets with it.

This year my Little Kulit is six years old and he is aware of what is happening and he is excited in every occasion that we celebrate. He is also starting to ask me about Santa Claus; since he was born we always have a family picture with Santa Claus.


Our Christmas 2016 in Subic

Yearly we spend our Christmas out of town, this is a family tradition that I want to pass it on with my Little Kulit that spending holidays with the whole family. He is so excited for the Christmas eve, he keeps on checking if Santa Claus get his letter already.

December 23 he got sick, we are all worried because his fever is so high, we decided if hindi bumaba fever the next day we won’t push thru our trip mas importante ang health niya. The next day he woke up with full of energy and he keeps on shouting that Santa Claus already got his letter.

Best Western Plus Subic is our home during Christmas weekend, we just want to relax and enjoy our stay. We are too lazy to go out and look for other restaurants so we decided to have our lunch and dinner in their restaurant. Price is reasonable and the serving is big.

Waiting for our dinner
Preparing for Gift Giving


Ang batang makulit hindi makapag hintay ng 12am


New You in New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

As a woman every New Year is a new beginning -)  for me as early as December 31 I will have my hair cut done, if time permits I can have my manicure and pedicure done. I believe most of the women would love to this one also. As a working mom like me, I need to take good care of myself also and look good after holidays.

I would also love to have a new dress, bag and make up. As a mom I have to be a budget conscious I do not want to spend too much. Good thing I can use Lazada voucher code and Althea coupon code for my beauty essential.

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Thank you 2016

Looking back what happened last year is a way of thanking God for all the blessings we have received and the same for all the challenges that we have been through.

2016 is a mix of ups and down but I am still thankful for all the challenges because it makes me stronger and a better person.

Things to be thankful



A Thanksgiving Party with Mommy Bloggers

The first Christmas Party that I attended this year was the 3rd Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas party which held in Pancake House Tomas Morato Quezon City. Party is exclusive for twenty mommies only since the place is limited.

Photos from When Worlds Collide


The party is made possible by three lovely mommies Mommy Lani, Mommy Louisa and Mommy Joy

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Holiday Shopping with Groupon Coupons

DISCLOSURE:  . This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Holiday’s season is now on the air, and yes 10 days from now we are going to celebrate Christmas. This is my favorite season and my busiest month. As early as November my schedule is already fully booked I need to manage my time properly or else everything will fall apart

Since I am a working mom, my only time to do some shopping is every weekend and online shopping is my best friend in times like this. One of the best and trusted sites is Groupon Coupons where you can find good deals and a lot of offers to choose from.

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