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Looking for a perfect cocktail dress is a struggle for a working mom like me, I don’t have enough time to go to mall and search for the whole day it’s a time consuming. As a working mom I need to manage my time. As much as possible going to mall is with my two boys, we eat, shop and play.

If I do “me time” I usually spend my time taking good care of myself, I usually schedule one day for my foot spa, hair treatment and facial.

But I need a cocktail dress for the upcoming engagement party of my dear friend, good thing I discover Tidebuy a new fashion online store which has a wide of variety of products to choose from. They have a category for men, women and kids and guess what they have also wedding dress and evening dress; it’s a one stop fashion online store.


Let’s see what I can find it here, click here for more choices

Off the Shoulder Lace Tea-Length Black Evening Dress


Off the Shoulder Bowknot Tea-Length Evening Dress

There are a lot dress and some items to choose from, hurry and visit their site 🙂


Ang hirap magkasakit???  Maliban sa masakit na buong katawan mo it’s also expensive to get sick.

Two weeks ago, hubby is the first one, who got sick after Little Kulit’s dentist appointment; we went to Quicklean for our laundry he said that he is not feeling well I gave him bioflu. Instead of having dinner in BF we went home so he can rest. He already had fever that time and his body is aching, I massaged his whole body and put some vicks so he can sleep well. Hoping that he will feel better the next day since I we are scheduled to go to MOA, but he is still sick and mas lumala pa. Every now and then I am checking his temperature his fever is so high kaya nilalagyan ko ng malamig na towel. Ang sungit pa naman ng mga guys when they are sick, kung puwede lang patulan minsan 🙂 That night, I asked Little Kulit to sleep in another room baka mahawa pa sa daddy niya, and buti na lang the next day is no classes

I need to go to work the next day, I asked mama  and our ate to check hubby time to time, around 11am when hubby called he said  that Little Kulit is also hot, oh no magsasabay pa sila. Around 3pm I am not feeling well also, uminom na agad ako ng bioffu, I went home early to check my two boys both of them is sick and sleeping. I cleaned our room, I asked them to eat so they can drink their medicines. Even I am not feeling well I need to be strong for them, hindi puwede lahat kami may sakit around 9:00 pm lights out na kami.


Little Kulit First Visit to the Dentist

Little Kulit is turning six years old in a few months; as early as 4 years old when he lost his first baby tooth, as far as I remember he called me in the middle of the day and asking me to go home and put his tooth under the pillow, the tooth fairy will give him gold in exchange of his tooth.

Last Saturday we are able to bring him to a pedia dentist, getting appointment in Abesamis Dental Clinic is a struggle so rain or shine we push thru with our schedule. At first I was worried baka mag tantrums si Little Kulit but he is doing well at first he was entertained in the mini playground in the reception area, since there is no more patients kami na agad. Our pedia dentist is Dra. Pam Abesamis-Villanueva she is very good in handling kids, and she is well accommodating answering all my questions and take note I love her clinic especially the lightning and the wall decor.


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Use Traveloka for your Next Flight and Hotel

Online shops and apps are trendy nowadays, it makes our lives easier and more convenient. From shopping, grocery, food ordering and even flight bookings and hotel reservation is just one click away.

Hubby and I are planning to have a trip next year since our Little Kulit will be turning seven years old. Instead of throwing him a big party, we agreed to have an out of the country trip. As early as now I am looking for a best airfare and accommodation that can fit in into our budget. And I came across this new online platform, Traveloka.

Traveloka is easy to navigate. After browsing their site, I found that they are one of the leading travel booking sites in Asia, and they cater easy and detailed flight and hotel booking, which I believe everyone will love it.



Let’s see how Traveloka works and how it will make our lives easier and worry free travel 🙂

Booking a flight

Once you clicked the flight destination, the date and number of passengers it will appear the filter option, we can filter the airline and time it depends on what we need. I find this one cool since in one click you can see all the available time and airline that suitable in your needs.


Each one of us has a preferred airline. As such, it’s a good thing the site offers a wide variety of airlines to choose from.

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Teaching our Kids about Money

Each of us has a different style of parenting, as a mom I am responsible in teaching my son how to handle money or what is money all about. As early as 2.5 years old my son knew how to check the price tag every time he wants to buy something, he cannot buy more than three numbers in the tag if there is no occasion.  I always remind him that he cannot get everything that he wants, he need to work hard for it or he need to be good so he can get a reward.

When he was three years old, his lolo gave him an alkansya that is made from bamboo, he is so happy every time that he has a coins. When he opened it his savings is Php 1, 100.00 since it’s his first time, I told him that he can buy whatever he likes.

Now he has a piggy bank, it’s not yet full but I told him that this money will be directly go to his savings account for his savings since he is now in grade 1, and it’s a long way to go. I must admit that there are times that it’s hard to explain it to him the value of the money since he is in the stage that he wants to get all the toys that he can see in youtube, but as mom I must be firm in teaching him how to be responsible in handling money.

Good thing Moneymax.ph sent me this one as guide in teaching my little kulit when he grow up he can understand this one, as of now I want to share it to you lovely mommies this one.

Mommy Money Tips - Moneymax.ph-1


Thank you Moneymax.ph for this tip

Bring the Playground Home

When you have young children, keeping them occupied throughout the day can be a challenge. While you are sure to have toys, books, videos, and games that can be played indoors, you want to make sure that your little ones get plenty of fresh air as well. It’s important for children to be active and get exercise every day to promote a healthy lifestyle that they will embrace at they get older. That means starting young with outdoor fun. If you are fortunate, you may have a playground in your neighborhood that offers your children the perfect opportunity to get outside. However, it is even more practical if you can bring the playground home by choosing play equipment that will keep your children moving while they are safe in your own backyard.

Think About a Trampoline
A trampoline can mean hours of entertainment for the whole family. You want a reliable product that you can trust like an alleyoop trampoline. Choose from a variety of sizes to make sure you find a trampoline that is a good fit for your yard. You’ll want something that will grow with your children. In other words, don’t pick a trampoline that is so small you will need to buy another one in a year. Make sure you choose a model that has a strong net surrounding the trampoline to ensure that your children cannot fall off while they are at play. A ladder and a door that cannot open once your children are enclosed in the net area provide more safety features. You’ll find yourself wanting to join your young ones when you see them having such a blast as they jump high into the air for hours on end. You can trust the trampoline and nets to catch them.

Don’t Forget a Swings and a Sandbox
No yard for children is complete without a swing set and sandbox. You can find a variety that are available or someone who is handy can build what you need. Remember that safety must be the top priority. You want your children to have fun outdoors while playing in their own backyard. At the same time, you need to make sure that all of the equipment is safe. Consider fencing in your yard as an added measure of protection to keep your children where they belong at all times. Once your backyard playground is in place, your children will always have something to do.

My Halo Laptop Bag

I’ve been looking for a laptop bag for months that’s suit my personality. I don’t like to get a color black since it is very common already, I prefer pink or red 🙂

I saw a pink laptop bag in HALO it cost Php 1295 which I feel guilty spending that too much, hindi bale kung hand bag that I can use every day. It took me a while to decide whether to buy it or not, even hubby convinced me to get it na, instead I am using sleeves lang.

Then I decided to browse in LAZADA, I don’t have any idea that they are also selling this brand, after one click all choices nag pop out na and it so cool because the color that I like is here. And ang naging sunod problem ko what will be my choice since ang dami nila 🙁

I decided to get this one, I forgot the style but I love the color and it’s big enough for my laptop and my documents. Guess what from the original price of Php 1.395.00 I just got it for Php 650.00 only what a great deal. You can get your item the next day, and don’t worry the item is carefully packed.

PicMonkey Image



If you are looking for a perfect laptop bag visit LAZADA for more choices


Family Saturdate

Little Kulit is always looking forward every weekend 🙂 if his dad needs to work on Saturday, I make it sure that we will spend time together and every Sunday we will go out with the whole family.

Last Saturday, hubby is home Sunday daw pasok niya, lagi sila may overtime because they need to reach their quota around 27-30 Million. So we make the day most out of it.

I cooked pork tonkatsu for or lunch, super benta kay Little Kulit 🙂


His dad promised him that they will play bowling in Sm Southmall, unfortunately grabe ang traffic more than 1 hour na nasa may Alabang pa lang kami so we ended up in Evia. We just had merienda and we roam around. Little Kulit is so happy playing in the fountain. Nothing so much to do here pa more restaurants pa lang ang open.


My Beauty MNL shopping experience

When I am stress or not doing anything I love to browse in online shops, parang window shopping lang ang peg 🙂 If budget permits and if I need something I know na which site I can get the items that I want.

It’s been a while that I am browsing Beauty MNL website, I love the products they offer and love reading product reviews.  Before I buy online I make it sure that the online store is reputable and they have a wide of variety of products to choose from.

BEAUTY MNL is a beauty site in the Philippines which you can visit that offers a wide variety of beauty products from the skin, hair, makeup and some accessories, they offer more than a hundred of different brands.


One day over the two hours traffic and not doing anything inside the car, I browsed once again the site of BEAUTY MNL, in time na din kasi I am looking for a lipstick and pressed powder so I decided to purchase here. Instead of going to the mall and looking for a parking is a struggle also. #epektongtraffic #onlineshopping.


Luxury While Your Cat Is Away From Home

When you have to leave home and can’t take your cat with you, consider taking your furry friend to a luxury cat boarding facility. This is a facility that offers all of the amenities that your cat would find at home so that both of you can relax while you’re away. While most kennels offer the same amenities for all animals, a luxury location will often offer a little more in the way of personal care and nicer items for the pet to enjoy.


Your cat should feel secure and loved while away from home. Most luxury facilities will offer a suite for your cat instead of the traditional small area surrounded by a fence. There are usually toys to play with and sometimes a cat tower to climb on during the day or sleep on at night. Some locations have sky boxes on the windows so that cats can look outside. Entertainment is designed with the cat in mind. Staff members will often work individually with the cats at the facility so that they get the special attention that they are accustomed to getting at home.


Food is another are where a luxury facility will usually offer a better selection than a traditional kennel. You can take your own food and treats to most locations, or you can let the facility use their high quality food that is offered. A meal is usually given in the morning and in the evening with a treat during the day. Water is provided on a continuous basis.


There are times when some of the cats can interact with each other. They have a large space to play so that they can socialize and get the exercise that they need instead of laying around all day. Most play areas are outdoors so that cats can get fresh air. Luxury facilities are often climate-controlled so that animals are comfortable while there. Music is sometimes played to relax cats. This can help them go to sleep at night or relax during the day after playing. You can usually view a video of your cat online while you’re away to monitor what it is doing and how it’s treated.

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