Minsan lang sila maging Bata

Time really flies and we cannot stop it, there are times that I am asking myself, may nagawa ba ako mabuti sa mundo, nagawa ko ba purpose ko sa life, And most of the time I would ask did I give enough time for my family especially with my son, nging mabuti ba akong nanay?

Many people would ask me, bakit hindi niyo pa sundan si Sam he is big na and he needs a brother or a sister, or minsan masarap may babae na anak, God knows how much I love to have my own daughter ultimate dream ko kaya yun.

But for me, I want to enjoy every moment with Little Kulit I want to witness all his achievements lalo na sa school, I want him to have memories how we bond and how much I love him, I don’t want him to think that I am just a provider but I am his mother. Even I am a working mom I want him to feel and I want to show him that I am his mommy that supports him 100%, ready to do everything just for him. It may sound selfish but for me giving him all my attention is fulfilling, I want to raise him in full of love

I want to savor all the moments na ako lang ang buhay niya na he loves me so much that he kiss me and hug me countless times. Alam naman natin ang boy’s mabilis sila mahiya to show affection with their mom. I want to witness his innocent smiles, his laughter, innocent and endless questions, his stories and our lambingan time.


Looking Back

A month from now, kids will be back to school 🙂 my little kulit is now in grade one. I never imagined how time really flies, ang bilis bilis. He is just five years old, I don’t know if he can catch up so easily since his classes will be longer and mas marami subjects. As early as now I am preparing him, we have worksheets in preparation for his grade one.

I am glad that we are able to survive his preschool stage without any hassle, without any tantrums. He is top six in the class, I never pressured him in his studies, I want him to enjoy and I always remind him to do his best.

As a first time mom, feeling ko I am also graduated and I am moving up to the next level, now I am going to raise and guide him in grade school there will be a lot of pressures and we will start to develop his personality. I am supposed to transfer him in big school but since he is still too young I decided to stay in his old school until grade three.


Filipinas Discover the New Olay Skin Whitening Bar

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Making this even more complicated, skin care goals change over time. These may include wanting to correct an uneven tan from too much time spent under the sun, to brighten a dark spot, or to make skin more radiant. Many women frequently change up their skincare ritual, willingly trying different products and methods to discover the best. In the search for the best skin care regimen, many women agree that “Beauty is pain.”

However, some women take this adage a little too far, particularly among women who want fair skin and an even skin tone. They try – and eventually throw away – ineffective products. They use whitening soaps until they experience tingling or stinging sensations, thinking this is a sign of efficacy. Beauty does not have to mean pain, especially when it may be doing more harm to the skin than good.

To make every woman look and feel beautiful, the World’s No. 1 Facial Skin Care Brand Olay provides skin care products to address every skin care need, including whitening.

After weeks of speculation, Olay reveals itself to be the #OneWashWonder that promises fair, radiant skin without the pain. During an exclusive preview for beauty enthusiasts, Olay unveils the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar, which 8 out of 10 Filipinas agree helps to whiten skin from the very first use. It’s no wonder that the new Olay is quickly winning over fans, including beauty queen, model and entrepreneur Valerie Weigmann. “Getting and maintaining fair skin has never been easier,” she shares.




It’s our day lovely mommies 🙂

Little Kulit is now on the stage that he can appreciate every occasion as much as possible he wants to make it memorable also.

A day before, he asked for a paper and Crayola he will make card daw for me and his lola. He even mentioned “mom it’s supposed to be Happy Lola’s day”. I let him do whatever he wants to do, since kids now are techie he searched something in google and he copied it.

Before we went to church he gave me the card with a big embrace, I am so happy kahit simple paper lang yun as long na galing sa kanya and I saw the effort how he do it.

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My Voting Experience 2016

Unlike 2010 it took me only 20 minutes to vote, I am pregnant by that time so I am in a priority lane. Now that I am an ordinary voter I have to line for 1.5 hours to vote.I don’t know bakit kulang ang marker each precinct you have to wait for another 10-15 minutes inside kung may matatapos na.  And super sikip inside the classroom imagine three precincts in one classroom which can only accommodate 10 persons, and the other side of the room was occupied by the watchers. And worst pa only two ceiling electric fans lang gumagana imagine kung gaano kainit yun.

We have to travel all the way to Pagsanjan Laguna to vote


Happy Mother’s Day Mother’s Love

It’s our day lovely Mommies, I want to greet all moms out there Happy, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Especially to mommy, the best in the world we may not be the perfect mother and daughter, we  have some arguments but at the end of the day we both know that we love each other and we stand by one another.



I love you Mommy Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


Little Kulit Belo Baby Experience

I grew up with a very sensitive skin; I also suffered from skin asthma. When I gave birth, the first question that the pedia asked me if I have allergies and I said yes, she said that my son might have the same skin as mine.

I become extra careful choosing his body wash and lotion, as much as possible I want products made with natural ingredients.

Little Kulit is now five years old but his skin is still sensitive, especially now that the weather is so hot ang dami rashes maliban pa sa bungang araw. Come to think of it he is not playing under the sun.  When I learned that BELO launched baby products I am eager to try it, because I know it’s effective I’ve been using BELO sunblock for years now.

BELO BABY crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms. We are excited to welcome and try the new line of BELO.

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Meet Joie

Joie™is a UK brand formed by global group of friends and parents with one simple mission: to share joywith new parents worldwide.  Its versatile collectionof baby gears from strollers, to car seats  to playards offer the highest standards of design, engineering and safety.

Each product has a unique parent-friendly features  to  address  the  needs  of  every  growing  baby.   Security,  functionality  and  durability are  its  key attributes  allowing  multi-stage  use  from  infants  to children.

Joie™ is  happy  to  introduce  you  to an extensive award winning product line that makes life with children less work and more fun.

We build them

Stronger  Every  product  endures  thorough  and  extreme testing  through  fully  customized  testing regimens and everything is assembled to ensure all works perfectly before shipment

Better With highest quality plastics, tough and durable strength fabrics and undiluted, uncompromised materials

Safer Our exclusive  car  seat  testing  facility  features  the  most  accurate  technology  for crash  test  simulation  and  aids  in  manufacturing  car  seats  with  ultimate  quality,  precision, and structural integrity

Travel System


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Little Kulit Moving Up Day

I am looking forward for this day, feeling ko mas exited pa ako kay kulit, of course it’s an achievement for me also that I was able to raise him well.

His moving up was held in his school last March 31, as a stage mom I make it sure that everything will be perfect as early as February I already bought his polo and pants.


On the day of the event, I am so happy to see him in toga, time really flies we are now in the next chapter of our lives.

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