Where to find vintage evening dress?

Christmas season is here! It means once a while we need to party and dress up with our wonderful gown or evening dress.

To avoid Christmas rush, I recommend Tidebuy for a wonderful pieces, let me show you lovely ladies some of the best collection of vintage evening gowns unique collection.

This is my personal favorite, I love the combination of colors 🙂




10893717_1 http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Charming-Mermaid-Embroidery-Peafowl-Floor-One-Shoulder-Flower-Length-Prom-Dress-10893717.html%5B/caption%5D


11484171_1 http://www.tidebuy.com/product/Vintage-Scoop-Neck-Appliques-Beading-Mermaid-Evening-Dress-11484135.html%5B/caption%5D

Tidebuy is a new fashion online store which has a wide of variety of products to choose from; they have a category for men, women and kids and guess what they have also wedding dress and evening dress; it’s a one stop fashion online store.

So what are you waiting for lovely ladies visit their site now for more dresses to choose from.

Fun things to do with your kids this Christmas

Happy kid everywhere is all that we moms wanna see always. The vim and vigor of kids is what keeps us mothers and the home lively. So this Christmas, all mommies should definitely do these things with their kids this Christmas, to make it memorable and a  merrier one.


  1. Get creative with food:

Kids usually get bored eating their food the same old way, but adding a twist to it would make them love it again. Its a great way to encourage kids to learn some cooking and also get creative with it. The rules are simple, you can get as creative as you want with the food, but without wasting any of it.

  1. Snow man competition:

A healthy competition is always said to be a good one. So, how about a competition between mommies and kids? Well, its a great idea. You can either compete among your own family members or also organize a competition by gathering all the mommies and kids in your society to add on to the fun. Its not necessary to use snow to make a snowman, you can also make paper balls and cover them up with cotton to make it look like a snowman.Since we cannot make snowman we decided to re decor our Christmas tree, we changed the color motif from red and gold to white, blue and silver theme, need to buy new set of decors. We are so excited for the outcome.

  1. Secret Santa:

Everyone is familiar with this game. For those who don’t know or have forgotten, here’s a quick brushing of the game- Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. This is a very fun game and who doesn’t love surprises after all?!

  1. Spread joys:

Donate your kid’s old toys and clothes to the needy. You can donate them to charity foundations or to whomsoever you feel the need to give. I would prefer you to always clean the used clothes and then re-use them for these purposes. If you are unable to clean them properly, then you can always rely on laundry services, that would make your job much easier and make the old clothes just as new. Donating generates a sense of giving and also makes your kids humble and kind.

  1. Family-fancy dress game:

Here, all the members must choose a random family member’s name from the chits and then they need to dress up and enact like them. This is a great fun and exciting game to enjoy with your family especially when you have a large family.

So, here are the 5 most exciting things to do this Christmas with your kids, try them all out and have a merry Christmas.

My Metro Market Crazy Sale Experience

Last year we went to Metro Market Crazy sale in Alabang, we had a smooth transaction we got a very good deal in most of the items.

This year they have another one day crazy sale last December 3 the store opens from 7am-12mn, I don’t have any plan to go since I will be coming from Quezon City. But when we arrived in Market Market Taguig, I saw a lot of people carrying a metro market shopping bag so I got intrigued. I asked hubby if we can just take a look since we are looking for some pambahay clothes for little kult.

As expected the place is crowded, since tinatamad na ako at napagod na agad ako sa dami ng tao nakita ko, I told myself to go straight in my business and yes I found all the clothes that I am looking for, of course limited size na siya since it’s already 430pm, so I grabbed all the pieces na puwede. Then I asked hubby to fall in line since super haba and we could make turns to roam around. I am not expecting that I am going to fall in line for two hours. Gusto ko na ibalik but I cannot find this items in some other store so we waited patiently. Only to find out why we need to fall in line for hours drives me crazy, once you give the item to the cashier, they will scan it, instead na singilin ka na and print out the receipt, iisa-iisahin uli nila the items that they scan versus the scanned items in the monitor kaya ang tagal tagal. Unlike other mall, automatic naka summarize if how many items so the cashier and the checker can easily check it if there is something missing.  Imagine how time consuming for the two parties, some people purchased more than 20k and one by one they will re-check it again manually. I don’t know how they come up with this strategy, no managers or supervisors also in the floor only cashiers so you cannot complain. As expected all the cashiers naka simangot na pag nasita and worst pag ikaw na next customer you can hear it all what are they saying doon sa nag re-reklamo na customer why they are so slow. They won’t even say sorry why or pasensya kasi utos lang sa knila yun, ang sagot talaga sayo isang simangot na mukha. Which is more nakakagigil diba. Kaya next year I don’t know if I will coming back here even they have good pieces if the customer service is not good.


Toy Kingdom Great Holiday Toy Warehouse Sale

When I saw this ad in their fb page, I said it to myself I will definitely be here for some toy Christmas shopping. Actually this is marked in my calendar already, this is my third time. The visit is worth it you can get all the toys for a 50-70 percent off.


The event was held in SMX Mall of Asia from December 2-4, admission is free. As expected the place is crowded, but the hallway is big, it has enough space for your cart and to roam around. At the same time kahit mahaba pila it’s organized, the waiting time is 15 minutes only.

This year the best seller is the Play Doh Ice Cream Maker from Php 800 marks down to Php 300.00 which is a very good deal. I bought this one for all my girls na inaanak, they will surely love it.

2 (more…)

Divisoria Finds: Christmas Decorations

Like what they said, you can find everything in Divisoria 🙂 and yes it’s true. The one that you see in the bazaars and some items in the mall you can get it here for a cheaper price as in mura. As long as you know how to haggle, but of course you need to be smart also in choosing the items that you want to buy para hindi masayang.

When I discovered Tabora a long time ago it’s a heaven for a people, who are looking for home decors and gift souvenirs, you can also find here mga tela for gowns, uniforms, curtain, seat cover etc they also have costumes here and readymade wedding gown, barong, and cocktail dress. Usually I buy my Christmas decors here, recently I bought one pack of poinsettia here which cost Php 120.00 per dozen.


We went to Divisoria Mall three weeks ago, I supposed to pass by again in Tabora but surprisingly one of the stall here in Divi mall same price din sa Tabora hindi na ako maiinitan. No wonder why marami bumibili sa kanila. Since my little kulit is asking for a white, blue and silver theme, need to replace everything kasi what we have is green and red stuffs. I was not able to pic some stuffs pa kasi madami namimili.

This is what I got

Poinsettia 1 dozen Php 120.00


Christmas balls Php 100.00 per pack

I am still looking for a perfect star but I got this one for Php 35.00 only,

3For 300.00 I have all the things for our new Christmas Tree theme, if you are planning to go to Divisoria Mall or Tabora I suggest morning kayo pumunta or weekdays mas konti ang tao. As much as possible you know na what to get mahirap pag doon ka pa magisiip. And remember haggle lang ng haggle sa price.


The Life and Times of a Mommy Blogger

An empowered woman shares the importance of forging the right partnerships in the internet age

The famous poet John Donne was onto something when he wrote, “No man is an island”. We all need a helping hand sometimes to deal with the pressing demands of life. Whether at work or at home, effective partnerships comes in many shapes, faces, and forms.

For Ruth Floresca, a professional writer, wife, and mother of four kids, “Being a mom to four sons is no small feat. It’s very much like working in an office where you need to ensure that things run smoothly all the time. I’m glad I have a partner in my husband Noy, whom I can trust and rely on for anything,” Ruth shares.

It wasn’t always this way. Ruth was used to being the independent woman, working as a professional writer for 20 years. But inasmuch as she enjoyed her work, she and her foremost partner decided that it would be best for her give up her full time job so she could pay attention to her youngest son, James, who has special needs.

But because Ruth was not ready to let go of her passion for writing, she turned to the internet to share her thoughts and passion for research. “Because I want James to have the best care in the world, I spend a lot of time finding the right partners for our everyday needs. Sanicare’s paraben-free Baby and Cleansing wipes, for example, gives me peace of mind because I am wary of chemicals like parabens which have been linked to the development of various diseases from cancer to other developmental conditions. I knew that there were other moms who were also looking for products they could trust for their family’s needs so I decided to write about my experience with the product on my blog.”


Little Kulit United Nation Day 2016

It’s another late post 🙂

Last week of October our Little Kulit is excited for his one week activities in his school, excited sa mga booth. Every year the school organized a one week of activity such as Family day, sports fest, etc and sinasabay na ang United Nation Day. Every year I allocate 3 days leave for this event, unfortunately this year I just had one day since I have to do something for my boss. This is one of the dilemmas of being a working mom that sometimes you need to choose between your boss and your kid.


Last October 27, it’s there United Nation Day, they are asked to wear the Greece Costume. He asked his lola to watched him once a year lang daw nag watch si Lola ng program niya. He loves his costume sabi nya he looks like an angel daw. We had a great time watching him to dance kasi now alam niya na talaga steps memorize na niya. He is really a big boy. Hindi nasayang ang pagod ko to buy his costume in Divisoria.


By the way I got his shoes for Php 399.00 only leather na siya from Ollie, triple markdown 🙂

Date Night @ Kanin Club

The past few weeks hubby and I been busy with work and at the same time we are loaded with family activities every weekend. This is the reason why I was not able to update my blog I still have numerous pending sponsored post and product reviews. Bakit ba kulang talaga ang oras minsan.

Last week I had two days full of stress , good thing hubby invited me to have a dinner date to ease my stress. We decided to have a dinner at Kanin Club in Westgate Alabang. We arrived around 8pm but still we are number 3 in the waiting list. Tinatamad na ako lumipat and I am craving for Tinapa rice kaya willing na lang maghintay.

We ordered crispy dinuguan, crispy pork binagoongan, tinapa rice and one cup of plain rice. Hubby enjoyed his binagoongan masarap daw he finished the three pieces of big slices of pork buti na lang wlang high blood 🙂

Crispy Pork Binagoongan Php 260.00


Herbalife Nutrition At Work Survey Reveals Filipino Millennials Desire Healthy, Active Workplace Environment

While the survey conducted reveals that more Filipino millennials are engaging in regular physical activities outside work, they find it difficult to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the modern workplace.

Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutrition company, has released the findings from its Asia Pacific Millennials At Work Survey1, which revealed that Filipino millennials are adapting a healthy, active lifestyle, however, most believe their current workplace environment prevents them from doing so.

Millennials, or people born in between 1980 and 2000, are opting for a workplace that will encourage them to stay active, if only this will be embedded in every company culture.  About 83 percent or eight (8) in 10 millennials have agreed that they would like their company workplace to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

ph-lifestyle-aspirations-01 (more…)

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