School Supplies Hunting

School Supplies Hunting

  Nowadays mahirap ang buhay that is why we need to be wiser when it comes to spending. I always look for sale when it comes to hunting school supplies for my little kulit. This year he asked me if I can buy him a new school bag, I bought a Hawk bag for him which...

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About Me

About Mommy Anna

Welcome to my space, my world! I’m Mommy Anna, a first time mommy, a wife, daughter, sister, and a friend.

Having a family, a working mommy and other woman duties rocked my world. I have a little time but a lot of things to do. My world is surrounded by my two boys (as of now), my family, my relatives, my office mate, my on line friends and my true friends. Each day I want to share and discover passion for things that makes them happy. Learning from my past experiences, I want to live life to the fullest, no holding back of anger. I want to be full of love.

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