When my dearest Lola passed away last week, after my one hour of crying, update status at my fb,chat with my cousins and relatives sa nangyari the second thing to do is to explain with my little kulit what happen to his Lola lola. Ayaw pa naman niya may nakikita na umiiyak siya lang ang may karapatan umiyak.
When a loved one dies, it can be a difficult how to explain with the toddlers/kids the loss. Death of a loved one is a difficult concept for kids/toddlers to understand. Helping a child cope with death requires a lot of love, patience and time.
Here are some steps that I want to share how to explain with our kids about death;
1. Tell them what happened- Don’t give them the specific details, there is no need to scare them.
2.Tell them that they are in better place- there is no correct answer for this, just say what you think is better and stand for it. 
3. Always stress that, a loved one is always in their heart.
4. Be patience and consistent with answers if a kid ask the same question over and over.
5. Help a kid to understand that a loved is not going to come back.
6. Be careful about saying that someone died because he/ she was old. He/she may become fearful in growing old.
7. Let’s show our love all the time with our kids.
Mommy Anna 

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