Holy Week

We spent our holy week here sa farm, no phone signal, no internet, no cable, no aircon as in wala, you have to go out talaga and worst   I forgot my digicam. It’s really time for me to reflect 🙂 See you next week

Sadness Thursday

My baby Sam is sick,wala me tulog, I have to check on him time to time. Hirap talaga pa may sakit ang baby. He cannot express talaga what he really feels, he keeps on telling lang na it’s hot, masakit. Holy week pa naman, hope he feels better na agad...
Family Tradition

Family Tradition

It’s late for me to realize the importance of FAMILY ganun ata talaga if you are on your teenage days you really want to be independent, I remembered that I wrote my parents that I want my independence imagine I’m just 14 years old that time, if naalala...
Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Since childhood every weekend is sacred for our family, eto lang kasi time we are all together. Every Saturday when our grand parents still alive we used to be at Pagsanjan Laguna , every Sunday naman after church, mall naman or what ever activities as long as we are...

Palautos na wifey

Till now if naalala ko what happen  last Tuesday, still can’t help but to laugh. Last Tuesday I’m super tired imagine we slept Monday night actually Tuesday na 1am, and I need to wake up 530am for my early engagement,so bangag na ako when I got home around...
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