Every woman ultimate dream is to have her own child, but getting pregnant is not that easy at all, I think lucky lang talaga ang mga honeymoon babies. That is why having a child is really a precious moment .

Trying for a baby isn’t always that easy. Most of the times a lot couples get confused about the best times for ovulation and getting pregnant. In my case, it would not be easy since both of my ovaries is polycystic. I know from the start that I will be having a hard time to ovulate, thanked God that after 2 months of medications I got pregnant na. And lucky I just have oral medicines lang no blood test,no injections etc. I really believed that God gave me the precious gift, a gift that I really prayed for.

Having a baby is a different experience, it depends on how your body will react, aba grabe sa hormonal changes ha, and you really do change physically 

How do I prepare;
1. Schedule visit to my OB
2. Avoid coffee, alcohol, raw  or uncooked meat, uncooked egg and chocolates
3. Since I have PCOS, I strictly follow my medicine metformin and folic acid.
3. Eat healthy foods
4. Fertility check 

This is the four steps that I followed and after a month I learned that I am already 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. After two weeks my heartbeat na si baby, but I also learned that I have a subchorionic hemorrhageI was advised by my OB to have a two weeks bed rest.

I had an easy pregnancy, no morning sickness, I can still work, I’m still driving until my 34th weeks. 
On my 6th months when we learned that we are having a baby boy. I started to create my own birth plan and check list. Sabi nga nila don’t accept or buy anything for your baby until you reach your 6th months. Wala naman masama sumunod sa pamahiin :-). 
Seventh month when I had my 4D ultrasound, and look he is certified look a like mommy 

And the day that we have been waiting for, I gave birth on my 38th weeks by an emergency CS 

Pregnancy and having a baby will take a lot of planning and preparation. There will be also a lot of lifestyle changes required for a healthy and safe pregnancy. This will also involve emotional and physical changes. But I will assure everything is worth it when you see your little angel.


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