I’m suffering from colds and cough for three days now but I still need to go to work and be a mom to my Little Kulit.
Little Kulit is well adjusted to his summer class now and may pretty girl na siya tinatawag. Since weekend I keep on asking him what is the name of the pretty girl and he is just smiling with me.  Yesterday dad told me that the name of the pretty girl is Ella. As per dad they are seatmates, and sabay na sila umuuwi.
Side kuwento: Last Friday when they are about to go home, they saw pretty girl and her Lola walking. Little Kulit insist na isabay sila pauwi. Pagsakay ng girl, Little Kulit immediately jumps on the back seat and they seat together and talking. As per Lola they are seatmates, best friend, playmates and they share food. Whoever comes first naghahanapan sila.  Oh diba may pretty girl na agad ang Little Kulit ko.
Last night when I got home and still not feeling well, Mommy told me that Little Kulit has an assignment and we have to work on it later. After dinner and wash up I get his work sheet and I could not believe it what I saw everything is very good and perfect. I know that he is a smart kid kaya lang there are times na he is so sutil and super duper kulit. As per dad the teacher already told him that Little Kulit may be accelerated on the next level, crossing my fingers.

As per his reward I told him that he can play on Sunday at time zone and he is very excited humihirit pa ng toy, I told him na will see anak :-). 
Proud Mommy Anna
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