Yesterday is one of the happiest days of my life, its My Little Kulit Culminating Activity. We enrolled him for one month summer class, our purpose is to expose him with other kids and be ready for the upcoming school year. We never thought that he will accomplish a lot of things for one month.
The program will start at 830am, the room is full of parents and grandparents, kids are so lucky to have this kind of parents to support them on their first Culminating Activity. I took a leave from work to be able to be with My Little Kulit. 
They have a small party with balloons, loot bag and food. The program started with a prayer and welcome remarks by the school principal. After the welcome remarks there is a short dance program by the kids, after the dance stints, the much awaited award. As we all know, all the kids will receive an award. But since it’s my first time I am so excited whatever award is that, as long I heard a lot of compliments with my son how good he is in his class. But I am crossing my fingers and keep on praying na ma accelerate siya.

With Teacher Susan
He got the “Most Active Award” 
With the school pricipal
Before the program ended the teacher and the principal already told me that he is accelerated from Junior Casa to Senior Casa, I am so happy upon hearing the news and can’t wait to share the news with my hubby, sister, and of course the super grandparents.  But wait there is more upon the releasing of their test papers and activity folder Little Kulit got the highest score in his exam its 23/25, consist of five parts, five items each. Seeing his exam I can’t explain my happiness and how proud I am with My Little Kulit. In his young age he really did well.
We are so proud of you Little Kulit, we love you so much 🙂
Btw, before we left the school I had a chance to take a picture of My Little Kulit and his Pretty Girl 🙂
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