If you read my previous post how do we celebrate our wedding anniversaries, here is the second installment our fifth year wedding anniversary in Cebu 🙂
I wanted to surprise hubby and Little Kulit with a different way of celebrating our wedding anniversary we are on our fifth year. I booked a flight last July without him knowing, on the month of our anniversary I told him the surprise and he finally agreed, happy and excited.
This will be our first trip with our Little Kulit without our family, it’s just only the three of us and we will explore Cebu for two days only. Our anniversary falls on Friday it’s a great day to have a long weekend vacation unfortunately on the day of our trip there is a typhoon.
Our flight is 550am via Cebu Pacific I decided to have an early check through online buti na lang because the heavy rain stopped at 345 am, we can check until 5am pa naman. I told hubby if rain does not stop before 4am it is better na we don’t push thru our trip baka kasi ma cancel if we are in the airport na buti na lang malakas ako kay Lord. But on our way to the airport Sucat road is not passable so we decided na sky way na lang I told my dad if it is not passable we better go home na lang instead ma stuck sa traffic but we have a smooth travel we arrived at the airport exactly 455am, five minutes na lang before the check in. On our way to the airport sabi sa radio Cebu City is flooded and it’s under the state of the calamity so I immediately called the hotel and asked them what is the situation there, but the receptionist informed us that the weather is good. I asked them if we can have an early check in since we will be arriving at 650am and I have a toddler with me and they said that they will try their best to accommodate my request. Our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours
Upon reaching Cebu, hubby told me if we can proceed to Mactan Shrine since mas malapit if you are coming from the airport it will be at 30 minutes taxi ride. 2
After or Mactan Shrine trip, we decided to go to the hotel and check if there will be available room for us if wala pa we can just leave our things at the lobby. We stayed at the Harolds Hotel five minutes away from Ayala Center. Good thing there is an available room na, we can rest for a while before lunch and freshen up. By this time super init sa Cebu but in Manila naghahasik na ng lagim si Mario. When I turned on the TV all over the news on what is happening the Manila, I immediately called my Mom, she told me it’s still raining hard and most of the roads are not passable, some areas is already brown out.
We had lunch at Casa Verde, the famous Baby Back Ribs in Cebu. And I must agree it’s so delicious and it’s big two people can eat in one order. I also ordered Chicken for Little Kulit but he is not in the mood to eat. The price is so affordable.
After lunch we went to Magellan’s Cross, it’s under construction because of the earthquake last year. You can see a lot of ladies in yellow blouse and red skirts holding colorful candles. Each candle has meanings and for Php 100.00 they will dance and pray for you.
When the lady is dancing bigla ko naalala we are also here five years ago it’s our side trip from Bohol for our honeymoon and I wished na magkababy agad. And now after five years we are back again and now with our Little Kulit 
From Magellan Cross we went straight to Basilica of Sto Nino it’s also under construction. This was where Little Kulit had fun the most, ngayun lang siya nakakita ng Church with many people are selling balloons, bubbles etc wala kasi ganito sa church namin. He asked me to buy him a balloon and if he can play around the corner. After we offer prayer we decided to go to Taboan to buy dried goods. From Taboan we go back to the hotel to have some rest before our dinner.
We had dinner at the hotel, we availed their buffet for Php 350.00. Little Kulit is so tired na he just want to stay at the room lang if you know my son he is so addict with the hotel he wants to stay lang there.
The next day after our breakfast we headed to Taoist Temple unfortunately my memory card got lost and I was not able to download the pictures. From Taoist we went to Souvenir shops, taboan again and Shamrock for famous Otap. The hotels staff was kind enough to let us stay up to 2pm.
Picture 257
From hotel we went to SM Cebu for our lunch at Sunburst Chicken, we leave our things at their Travel Lounge you just need to pay Php 50.00.
Picture 272
My original plan was to buy a Cebu lechon at CNT meron malapit sa SM Cebu unfortunately naubusan kami lechon. Oh my I promised my dad I will bring lechon the taxi driver is kind enough and he told us sa harap ng airport we can buy one. Lucky din ako una sa line and bagong dating lechon I bought half kilo.
Our pasalubong and goodies from Cebu
6That is how we celebrate our fifth year and wishing more to come 🙂
Picture 267

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