I am writing this post with a heavy heart, I really can’t stand to see my son if he is sick because I can’t do anything if I just can get his pain I will do it. The only thing that I can do is to stay with him and give him with lots of love, hugs and kisses and convince him to drink his medicine.
One of the hardest feelings of being a mother is to see your kid sick, and if you are a working mom like me and you need to be at work to meet a deadline it is an added stress. I believe that most parents are familiar with this stress  I really hate this feeling to choose between my work and my family. In my situation I am so lucky because I am still living with my parents; I can leave Little Kulit with them with a little peace of mind that he is in good hands.
Little Kulit has been complaining of stomach ache Sunday night, and then he started to have a diarrhea from 2am to 5am. He was able to go to school pa Monday morning around 4pm when he started to have episodes again it normalize around 7pm. I asked him to drink hydrite and more water to avoid dehydration. Around 10pm when he started to have episodes again about four times before he was able to sleep.
Tuesday he had more than 10 times episode, I decided to bring him to the doctor to give him proper medicine. The result was spasm and gastroenteritis his pedia told us it will be lasted for 3 more days he need to discharge all spasm and toxic.
As of today he is still having episodes and tummy ache, in his young age he cannot handle his tummy ache he is complaining why is taking too long to ease the pain, why there is still pain in between his crying moments, wah 🙁 I really wanted to cry I feel so helpless to see him in his down moments he is in pain, he cannot play, he cannot eat his favorite food and the worst part is I cannot answer his question why his tummy is still aching and I have to go to work today.
Let me share what we must have for a first aid;
1. Digital thermometer- to monitor his temperature once in a while, once we bring our kids to ER or with their pedia the first question will be ask what his temperature?
2. Children’s paracetamol, tempra or any recommended by your doctor to relieve fever and mild pain.
3. Saline nose drops to clear stuffy nose
4. Hydrite for kids to avoid dehydration
5. Pedialyte for kids to avoid dehydration
6. Nasal aspirator
7. Antihistamines as recommended by your doctor
8. Ointment for cuts and scrapes
9. Adhesive bandage
10. Gauze Roll
11. Gauze Pads
12. Cotton balls
13. Alcohol
Let me end my post with this quote

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