When I was pregnant 5 years ago I’m hoping for a baby girl, but God gifted me a baby boy. I don’t have any regrets having a son he is source of my happiness.
But God is good after 9 months my sister in law gave birth to a baby girl my niece Ashley Beatrix, even though she is not my own daughter I love her and I adore her. I love to spoil her giving her some toys and clothes.
Having a little girl, it’s like having a little doll where you can dress her up, and let her pose for a picture. It’s easy to deal with little girls when it comes to clothes there are lot of choices and one of them is Lemon Kiss.
Lemon Kiss designs are stylish, updated and embody the playful, energetic and fun lifestyle of young girls from 4-12 years old.
Lemon Kiss sold at SM Department store since 2003 price ranges from Php 400-700. They offer dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, shorts, pedals and jackets.
Here are some designs that my niece would really love it,
For more collection you can check their fb page Lemon Kiss and you can visit SM Department Stores near you

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