Whether it is a minor update or a total overhaul, you’ve got to put some love into your kitchen. The country’s favorite cooking gas, Solane, will walk you through on how you can add flair, style and function to the heart of your home.
“The kitchen is where homemakers spend most of the time preparing food for their families so it is important that we all improve its appearance—keeping it clean, organized, and safe for everyone,” said Ruben Domingo, Isla LPG chief executive officer.
Make a small kitchen feel larger
Do away with upper cabinets and install open shelves instead to make a cozy kitchen spacious. You can also make every inch of storage count with door-mounted shelves.
Add texture and a pop of color
Update ceiling tiles, ceilings, countertops, and cabinets with matching or complementing color schemes and textures. For example, ceiling tiles that mimic the look of antique tin tiles combine well with laminate floor surfaces. When it comes to kitchens, shades of red, yellow, white, and gray help create a warm and welcoming space. Blue, purple and green are not popular choices for these curb appetite.
Have fun remodeling your kitchen by adding decorative adhesive-back labels to canisters and jars for sugar, spices and other ingredients. You can also paint a chalkboard on the inside of the pantry door for recipes or inspiring words.
Find a focal point
Diminish a kitchen’s cluttered look by picking one focal point—something visually interesting that attracts the eyes. This can be an accent wall, sleek stainless steel rangehood, an apron front sink in front of a window with a great view. When you have your focal point, complement that area with a few eye-pleasing, quieter details.
Make it kid-friendly
Consider the safety of children when you are remodeling your kitchen. Place their favorite dishes and snack foods in drawers or on shelves they can reach to avoid accidents. A bar with stools can also serve as an after-school spot for kids. Keep the stove out of traffic areas so children can’t cause spills when running through.
Place your LPG cylinder in a well-ventilated area
“Choose a secure, well-ventilated space where you can store your LPG tank, preferably outdoors and away from direct sunlight, heat, and other sources of ignition,” said Isla LPG chief executive officer Ruben Domingo. “When you buy Solane LPG, do check the appearance of the cylinder, if it’s free from corrosion, cracks, etc.” Try to make the kitchen cozy by placing pretty pillows on a window seat.
Following these simple steps can inject personality to your kitchen, adding fun and inspiration while you prepare delicious dishes for the people you love.

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