Eight years as a wife, sabi nila paano daw nakatagal sa akin ang asawa ko dahil sa maldita ako but to tell you guys frankly we girls/wives are the reason why the marriage last long. Because we are the one who handles the relationship, we stand for our marriage we fight for it kahit minsan you want to give up.
Being married for eight years is like a roller coaster ride we have our ups and down but with the help of God we always survive whatever trials we encounter. Be open minded, habaan ang pasensya and open communication is still the key for a healthy and successful relationship. #relationshipgials
Last September 19, we marked our eight years since I am busy with work and my duties being a mom and a wife, it totally slipped on my mind to have a reservation for our dinner. We don’t want to splurge at the moment because we need to have enough money for our little kulit party, I told him we just need to spend Php 1000.00 all in.
At dahil madalas napag uusapan ngayon saan makakarating ang Php 1000.00 because of the CHR budget allocation so let’s do a challenge. Saan nga ba makakarating ang Php 1000.00 namin for our wedding anniversary.
First we had a dinner at the old spaghetti house, we got pasta all you can for Php 189 per head additional Php 25.00 for drinks all you can and mozzarella cheese stick

Our tummy is already and full we roamed around since we still have a budget I told him we can choose a gift for each at Decathlon not less than Php 200.00 each. I got him a mini back pack that cost Php 140.00 and he got me a massage hand for Php 120.00.

We have some money left, so before going home we got pizza at Pizza hut for the family.
Total expenses:

  • Old spaghetti house= Php 189.00×2 for pasta all you can= Php 378.00
  •                                        Php 25.00 x 1 for drink all you can= Php 25.00
  •                                       Php 175.00 x 1 for mozzarella cheese sticks Php 175.00
  •                                       Total= Php 578.00 plus vat Total 588.05
  • Decathlon                    Php 140.00 for the mini bak pack
  •                                        Php 120.00 for massage
  •                                        Total= 260.00
  • Pizza                                Php 159.00 for one large box
  •                                        Total 159.00
  • Total= Php 1007.05

Over kami ng Php 7.00  sa susunod ko na Php 1000.00 challenge ma achieve ko na kaya
Happy Anniversary to us 🙂

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