My boys are artistic, they can make things beautiful out of trash. They are good in drawing and DIY, unlike me. We have a tons of coloring materials at home from crayons, paints, and color pencils.
The ability to creatively express one’s thoughts and feelings by putting ideas from pen to paper is perhaps the most important stage in a child’s development.  Visualizing, drawing and finally displaying their creation is a fundamental stepping stone used by parents and teachers to build a child’s confidence and self-belief.
We are so glad that BIC coloring materials send us their products. My Little Kulit is so excited to try it everything, he is currently working on his new project that is why he is so thankful for his new coloring materials

BIC, founded in 1945 in France, has always been passionate about being part of the daily lives of millions of consumers. From their time-honored mission of making simple, inventive and reliable products, BIC has always been advocating the importance of handwriting and drawing as essential factors in a child’s development.
Here in the Philippines, BIC recently launched BIC Kids to encourage children to use their imagination to develop and enhance their motor skills, concentration, and creativity.



A collection of writing and coloring products especially designed for children aged two to ten years old, the BIC® Kids’ line comprises of high-quality yet affordable products that are all compliant with EN71 European toy industry standard
Amongst their list of top-notch tools are the erasable and washable felt pens so kids can create fun effects and correct their mistakes on paper (or on their clothes); the wood-free Evolution™ coloring pencils range that are extra-resistant to breakage, do not create splinters and easy to sharpen; and the break-resistant wax crayons that do not stain on hands.

This back-to-school season, start your young ones on their first-ever writing and drawing adventure. Let their imagination run free and their creativity explode on paper. Allow them to play with color, doodle, make mistakes, and get messy.
The future is brightest for those who find joy in creating something out of nothing and putting their dreams in writing. Together with BIC Kids, let’s work hand-in-hand to start drawing a brighter future for the kids!

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