During summer is a camping season; if you are not an outdoor type like me, maybe it’s time to try it on.


Reasons Why We Should Go Camping


To experience Nature



The biggest reason why we camp is to be close to nature. To experience the beauty of the world.


Fresh Air

When you go camping, you get the fresh breath of nature and the natural smell of the outdoors


Quiet Time


One of the good side effects of camping is to have a quiet time and recharge. Enjoy the moment under the sun and bonfire at night.


Time to be Physical Fit

Go for a hike, setting up a tent, gathering  firewood and cooking your meal is a physical challenge and help you to stay fit.



Camping is one of the best ideas to unplug and get away from everything for a while. From screen time, social media, work and stress. To be able to do  this one you need to choose a better camping site. There is a real estate for sale in Whistler that can be a good destination for camping.


Family Time

Camping is one of the best bonding moments with your family. You will get a chance to talk and spend quality time without any distractions


Learn New Skills

Once you are into camping and the middle of the nature, for sure you will learn a lot about and develop new skilsl.






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