I have a  PCOS (polycstic ovary syndrome), most women who has this syndrome will be having a difficulty in getting pregnant. But I’m so eager to get pregnant after the wedding. I was diagnosed PCOS year 2005, I was under medication year 2008, there was no really cure for this syndrome , medicines just trying to help my uterus to be healthy and to minimize the cysts.

Several symptoms pf PCOS;

* Irregular periods, including bleeding between periods
* Absent periods (Amenorrhea)
* Very light periods (Hypomenorrhea)
* Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea)
* Very heavy periods (Menorrhagia)
* Irregular, or absent, ovulation (Anovulatory cycle)
* Enlarged uterus
* Enlarged ovaries
* Ovarian cysts
* Enlarged clitoris (though rare, it is a sign of PCOS)
* Infertility
* Hormonal imbalances of estrogen, progesterone, androgen, and testosterone
* Particularly high levels of testosterone and androgen
* Mood swings
* Feelings of anger and aggression
* Anxious depression
* Anxiety
* Fatigue
* Decreased breast size (I never personally experienced this because my system had too much estrogen, and not enough progesterone to keep it in check)
* Obesity (particularly around the stomach – also known as the PCOS tummy that can make you appear pregnant even when the rest of your body is slender)
* Difficulty losing weight
* Insulin resistance
* Hypoglycemia
* High blood pressure
* High cholesterol
* Excess hair growth on the face, breasts, stomach, thighs, arms, etc. (Hirsutism)
* Acne (often manifests itself as large, cystic pimples on the neck, chin, and jawline)
* Skin tags
* Dark, velvety patches of skin (Acanthosis nigricans)

For me the symptoms that I have lang is irregular menstruation ever since, acne problem in teenage days and hard losing weight.

My steps trying to conceive with PCOS, Oct 2009 is the start of my first step first stage for my fertility ovulation, that time both of my ovaries is polycystic before kasi right lang, tinapat agad me OB na hindi madali and expensive the procedures and medicines that time the transvaginal ultrasound in Asian is Php 2300+++ consultation 500 medicines 1000 every cycle as far as I remember .

1. Need to have discipline in drinking my medicines

  • everyday metformin once a day
  • folic acid once a day
  • dufaston once a day (10 days after your period)
  • clomid (10 days after your period)

2. Regular Check up

3. Take vitamin e it helps also

4.  Avoid the following

* Cigarette, alcohol and drugs.
* Caffeine (coffee, black tea, cola, and chocolate).
* Excesses of Vitamins A, C, or D
* Avoid raw or undercooked meats
* Avoid raw or undercooked eggs
* Soft cheese

5. Don’t drink medicines such as pain reliever antibiotics when you are trying to conceive

6. Research and research how to help you to conceive

Well lucky for me,  within 3 months I got pregnant super discipline lang talaga I avoid coffee, chocolate and soda for a month, and a lot of prayers. One of research also drink a probiotic drink it helps.

I forgot the brand of the probiotic drink that I take, but I bought that one in casa medica at megamall its 120 per bottle that time year 2010

Now I have my first baby 🙂

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