Negative vibes now a days,  I’m start questioning God why I’m in this situation right  now, maybe He wants to test me, but still my faith holds on, I believe that everything has a purpose and things will end and I will feel better.

On positive site I saw this quote, which enlighten me, and think that I”m still blessed and I should be thankful


Why I am blessed and be thankful; items are not in order

1. I’m still alive and healthy for 33 years 🙂

2. I married a good man, who loves me so much

3. I have a son that who is adorable, I love him so much

4. I’m still living with my mommy and daddy who supports and loves me unconditionally

5. I have a sister who supports me raising up my son

6. I have a work

7. I have friends for life who I can trust my life

8. I have girl friends that we can share our thoughts everything under the sun

9. I have a newly open drugstore with my mom

10. I have an online shop

11.  I have new iphone courtesy of my boss

12.  I have my dream bag LV neverful

13. I have gucci bag

14. I have channel wallet

15. I have coach wristlet

16. I have gucci watch

17. We celebrated mom’s 70th birthday

18. We celebrated Lola’s 90th birthday

19. My son can recognize colors

18. My son iphone addict

19. I can eat three or more than in one day

20. I’m driving an adventure car

21. My baby is my precious investment

22. I may not have a huge bank account, but I still have enough to survive

23. My son is heathy

24. My family is okay

25. I can still support my son in his needs

26. I can still do our groceries every week

27. I have debts, but still capable paying for it

28. I still have time for my family

29. Have time for my regular footspa and pedicure 🙂 (MY ME TIME)

30. Have time for FB and right now start to blog

I believe that God is good and He really provides for everything

God bless us all

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