My baby Sam is already  two years and 5 months old, he knows his things well memorize nya clothes, shoes, slippers nya. So before ko ma let go his things I need to tell him that I will give his things to his cousins, mahirap na baka agawin :-).   I teach him to share, kaya lang minsan hirap talaga sabihan hays……….

He also do his daily inventory diapers, milk and water takot magutom if paubos na he will ask his lola or ate gloria to call or text me na no more milk, no more diaper and no more water, in his age he know na what his daily needs and alam nya na hidi dapat naubusan, so mostly every week I need to budget 1500-1800 for this.

Nan 3 Milk, Nido Junior, EQ diaper, Wilkins Water

When I gave birth my son is full breastfeed for three months, kaya tipid pa, pagbalik ko sa work I do breast pump, and when I’m home breastfeed again. I stop breastfeeding,  20 months old na si Sam

IMG_0177Loyal me sa NAN  ever since yan na gamit ko, first NAN HW 1 gamit ni baby as per his pedia para hindi mamana skin allergy and skin asthma ko, after 6 months NAN HW 2, when he reached two years old I used NAN PRO 3, but the same time every night Nido ang milk nya, nido has a fiber para hindi mahirapan mag pupu si baby.

I would suggest you buy milk in a carton compare na nasa lata mas less ang price and mas marami, just transfer to a plastic container, make it sure na super clean before i-refill.

For me Wilkins water is the best for babies and toddlers 🙂

As a mom, we always wants the best for our kids so we need to be careful what is the best for them especially in milk and water .

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