Imagine my son is just 2.5 years old but he knows already how to play the  tablet and iphone. I just had my iphone recently mga two weeks ago  and her lola a week ago but my son is so addict agad .He loves to play the endless abc which is good naman, word puzzle, coloring, disney cars, train and temple run. Before I’m so hesitant na pahawakin siya ng gadget kasi cellphone pa lang makulit na, but when talking to the teachers they told me iba na kids now a days they can easily adapt in technology and it also helps them na matuto agad. So go naman ako that he can play but with may time lang he still need to sleep every 1-4pm eats on time and do his other activities

Sam Sam On the Phone

Before when I got home my son will kiss embrace me agad and will say SAM SAM time it means we can play so pagdating ko sa house wala me ibang gagawin is to play with him and sundan lahat ng kalat nya, do you imagine how makalat ang mga kids, in 5 minutes naikalat nya na lahat ng toys nya and colors.  But now he will kiss and embrace and sasabihin agad mommy iphone sawa na kasi sa tablet ni lola niya. But the good thing is I can do things na when I got home early I can clean, eat, read books and watch my dvd series. Imagine for two years ngaun lang uli ako makaka watch ng series.

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But still I need to limit his playing time in gadgets, he still needs to play in his toys and physical activities, my son is addict in balls every labas namin pa buy siya new ball, he is a good in basket ball at the age of 1 he knows how to play basketball.


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Iba na talaga mga kids ngaun iba na ang love nila toys 🙂

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