My Pregnancy Journey
Before ako maloka sa mga tao nakapaligid sa akin na wants me to get pregnant and have a baby girl soon, I want to share my pregnancy journey for 38 weeks. I saw my planner the other day kasi and I saw my entries during my pregnancy days.

I was on my 38th weeks when I gave birth, it’s an emergency CS and lucky I gave birth Oct 10, 2010 (10-10-10)

Ever since, i-regular period as in from the start sometimes 6 months ang interval, it was 2005 when I decided to have a check up, I have PCOS ang fear ko agad will I get pregnant, usually if u have PCOS you will be having a hard time to ovulate, as per OB lets do the work  up once you decided to have a baby, oo nga naman that time I don’t have a boyfriend.

October 2009 after the wedding and our Ondoy experience when I decided to have a work up with my OB na, she said na it will be a long process it depends kasi how your body reacts and it will be expnsive. True naman every visit kay OB will cost 2500+++ wala pa ang medicines, keri lang I want to have a baby na talaga, hidden agenda like ko first apo sa akin he he he 🙂 after three months success preggy na me. Nagulat si Ob she told how fast nasa first stage pa lang kami ng first step of my medication, ang secret just PRAY AND PRAY and have faith and God will give you the best 🙂

Since I was under medication, dapat regular na period ko, February delayed na and I noticed some changes pero quiet lang me ayoko ma false alarm, 

February 16 is one of the confusing and happiest day of my life, my OB told me to have a pregnancy test on my 28th cycle, I was already delayed for three weeks by that time, and I even noticed some changes in my body, I’m also craving for a spaghetti with meatballs, but everything I kept within myself. It was morning of February 16,2010 when I decided to have a pregnancy test, I have a hard time using the kit so I thought I ruined the strip, so I decided to wrap up it and to throw it  away, and  would have a test gain on the next day. After I take a bath, back of my mind whispering that I should see the result of the test, so I checked it and I saw that there are  two lines on the strip, as much as I wanted to jump, scream, to announce to my hubby and parents that I’m pregnant but I can’t, I need to be sure, , I do not like them to be disappoint  since that they been waiting for too long to have a grand child. I’m having a doubt if I’m pregnant because the second line is not that clear as the first line. Going to office, I called my good friend Cynthia to meet me at the parking area I told her it’s an emergency, immediately I handed her my pregnancy test and she said your pregnant, I answered not yet sure, look the second line it’s not clear. So we decided to have another test that morning, same result. Para me loka girl that day.  because I’m afraid that something might be wrong with the baby,  last month I took  pain reliever medicines, and it may affect the baby’s health. I researched on the net if what is the meaning of my pregnancy test result, answer it’s an early pregnancy that’s why the second line is not that clear. Before telling to my husband the good news, I decided to have another test, he is so happy, the first thing he did was kiss me and my tummy he said baby take care inside your mommy’s tummy. Alam kasi ni hubby na careless me
The following day, I decided to have a check up the OB already declared that I’m pregnant but I need to undergo some more test, since I came from a fertility medication, after that check up the first thing I did was to buy the food that I’m craving for, next to announce to my family, relatives and friends that I’m going to be a mommy. I was overwhelmed to all greetings and messages.
And my journey begins……………………..
I have an easy pregnancy, I’m so lucky that I don’t experience morning sickness, etc, I just enjoyed every single day of my journey
FIRST TRIMESTER: I was bed rest for two weeks; I have a sub chronic hemorrhage. My hubby was with me for the first time that we saw our baby, he is just like a small dot inside a sack, I’m so happy when I heard his heart beat. On my third month finally I was relieved when I saw his eyes, nose, ears, hands, legs and he is very healthy.
SECOND TRIMESTER: My tummy is getting bigger, my nose is getting swollen, I’m transformingJ. On my 5thmonth when I announced that I’ll be having a baby boy. Gifts starting to come, experience of others starting to share with me.
THIRD TRIMESTER: Final stage, I stopped driving when I was on my 8th month because of my sister. Daddy became my official driver body guardJ. I become extra careful with my body since I’m on the final stage. Sleepless nights, cramps, bigger and heavier tummy, stress, excited to see my little angel.
October 9, 2010 it was supposed to be an ordinary check up, I had a stressful morning because of work. It’s an instinct I already prepared the baby bag, I put everything in order, I asked my hubby to come with me at the hospital, I instructed him where to find the bag, phil health form etc. Playpen is ready. Baby clothes were already washed.
We arrived at the clinic around 3pm my BP was already 160/90, the OB was not comfortable on my situation she even personally get my BP via Manual it’s 175/90, she asked me to have a urinalysis to check if I’m on a pre eclamsia stage, 180/90 I already at the ER. My hubby is getting nervous, I texted my parents that I’m already at the ER but still waiting for my urinalysis result, immediately they rushed to the hospital and talked to my OB. I informed my friends that I might give birth anytime.
By that time, I still don’t want to give birth; I’m not yet emotionally ready. I have so many things to do, pending works, pending meetings, pending deliveries. But my OB insisted me  to stay me on the hospital even my urinalysis result is negative. 190/100 both my OB and parents decided to admit me at the hospital, the baby is the one who cause my hypertension. I have so many delaying tactics……… my sister told me to relax and follow doctor’s advise.
At 8:00pm I was on the labor room, I’m so conscious, I was already induce, but still I’m so hypher and texting my officemates for my deadlines, texting my friends and relatives, I even asked someone to deliver and pay for my packages (sideline business). I kept on asking all the nurses and resident doctors if what is happening what will be the consequences 12:00Am when my OB visited me at the labor room my BP is still 150/90 160/100 she decided that I undergo with the CS operation on the next day for our safe delivery. Actually inunahan ko na si OB I told  her CS na kung CS I don’t want to have labor and mahirapan pa kami magina eh CS din pala 🙂
8:30AM Oct 10, 2010 when I’m on my way to an operating room, mixed feeling excited, nervous, afraid, my mommy is with me and my hubby they told to pray and they will be waiting for me. At 9:15 doctors came in at the OR, I was already under anesthesia, as far as I remember the last time that I said is “I can’t breathe” reaching my anesthesiologist hands and I closed my eyes, at 10am the doctors tapping me and said your baby is here and I saw Rafael Iñigo beside me. That’s why 10-10-10 is a lucky day for us seeing my little angel is the happiest day of my life
When I was in a recovery room, I chilled as per the nurses its normal because of the anesthesia, I asked them if I can see my baby again, and the baby is with me again for 5minutes. At 11:45 I was already on my room I’m so sleepy and restless. My parent in laws relative’s friends starting to arrive.  I’m so happy that I’m already a MOMMY J
The next day I missed my baby, I still cannot stand because of my catheter, and I started to feel the pain. I’m so hungry; I’m still not allowed to eat. At 5pm when the catheter was removed, I started to seat and walk  it so painful but I need to walk I want to see my baby already.
Tuesday, I’m so eager to see my baby at the nursery room, when I saw him  crying  I can’t help but I’m also crying finally the dream that I’ve been waiting for is already here. The head nurse advised us to transfer the baby in our room, all of sudden I’m so happy and all the pain is gone. I’m so excited to hold him. I called my Mommy and informed her baby will be with us, she told me to take care the baby especially on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is painful from the start. My hubby is very supportive; he is the one who is very handful. He is the first one change the diaper, put him on to sleep, feeding him. Now I really know ang mga sabi ng mga mommies once you saw your child lahat nag sakit at paghihitap mawawala talaga.
And the new journey begins with Rafel Iñigo.
When I gave birth, all the heartaches, anger, pain was gone. I feel the love and closeness with my family. Sam is the key of my happiness.
I love you so much Sam, I will do everything to protect you and to give you a good life MWAH
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