Every morning, I really had a hard time tumayo sa bed,maliban sa nakakatamad, my baby Sam will wake up pag tumayo na ako, kahit super sleepy pa siya, so minsan I have no choice isama siya when I’m taking a bath. Ewan ko ba kay Sam he sticks with me like a glue every time I’m home pero cyempre happy din I don’t have a hard time to pull him out with his lola and lolo.
Before I will go to the office, I need to drive him for 3 to 5 mins around our subdivision ayaw na niya mag walk “hot” daw kasi takot sa araw anak ko. That’s our everyday am routine he will watch me to take a bath, in dressing up, make up and he will ask me to kiss his lolo and lola para we can drive na.
Kanina he asked his ate gloria to wear his shoes and socks, i mentioned before na he is the one who choose his clothes and shoes to wear, even if we are shopping his clothes we need to ask his opinion, oh diba as early as two marunong na :-). I asked him why he need to wear his black shoes and socks eh nasa bahay lang, he answered back mommy  kul (school), may school two streets away lang from our house pioneer graduate kami doon, I’m thinking kasi to enroll na this coming June pero he need to undergo with assessment pa, so I let him na lang to wear it baka mag tantrums pa si kulit 🙂
Here is his outfit before I go to the office 

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