Till now if naalala ko what happen  last Tuesday, still can’t help but to laugh.
Last Tuesday I’m super tired imagine we slept Monday night actually Tuesday na 1am, and I need to wake up 530am for my early engagement,so bangag na ako when I got home around 7pm but I still need to attend to my son. Si hubby kasi overtime lucky naman he is already home 10 pm.
So I told to take charge na with our son so I can sleep na, pero ewan ko ba dami ko pa naiisip kahit close na eyes ko I kept on saying “Daddy please turn off the tv”, “Please pakibunot saksakan ng dvd”, “Please paki timer aircon”, “Please move the electric fan”, “Please remove the dvd’s beside the bed” siguro nakahalata na si hubby so he said “mommy ano pa, tulog ka na nakakapagutos ka pa”.
Oo nga naman san ka pa tulog na ako nakakapagutos pa ako, buti na lang my hubby loves me so much and sobrang bait or else natuktukan na ako.
I love you so much Mahal, thank you for everything lalo na for accepting who I am mwah

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