Since childhood every weekend is sacred for our family, eto lang kasi time we are all together. Every Saturday when our grand parents still alive we used to be at Pagsanjan Laguna , every Sunday naman after church, mall naman or what ever activities as long as we are together. Hangang sa paglaki namin we still have that tradition every weekend and holidays is for family, we eat and pray together. I used to complain before why we have to do be like these, it’s late for me to realize the importance of family tradition, will tell you more guys on my next blog. 
Now I have my own family, we still do the same, and I want to pass this tradition with my children, the value of family 🙂
So last weekend, we attended the baptismal of my cousin sa gabi naman we attended dinner and despedida party for my tito. My side trip pa sa bf ruins :-), the next day we went to farm to attend my dad’s class reunion. Tired+Puyat=Family bonding 

Baptismal at Miraculos Medal Church 1030am

 I don’t have pictures at dinner party, my hubby left the camera, si baby namn hawak ang phone the whole time 🙁

The next day we went sa fam hays ang init sobra, more than 100 people attended the reunion, the only pic that I have during the handa is the lechon 

My World Mommy Anna

After the party we took the picture of our pine tree, 5 years bago siya lumaki ng ganito, oops hindi siya nag drink beer ha he wants to hold it lang for the picture

That’s our happy weekend 🙂

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