It’s late for me to realize the importance of FAMILY ganun ata talaga if you are on your teenage days you really want to be independent, I remembered that I wrote my parents that I want my independence imagine I’m just 14 years old that time, if naalala namin yun we keep on laughing how come naisip ko yun, eh ngaun ayoko umalis sa kanila I really want to be with them, bumawi sa lahat kalokohan ko. But I’m really thankful that I still have them and paano nila kami pinalaki.
Our family used to eat and pray together, our weekend and holidays are sacred as in we have to be together, I used to complain during my teenage days why we have to be like these. Bakit mga friends ko or classmates they can do whatever they want, they can go out, they can party, they can have boyfriend and more.And when I start working in Jollibee and I have to work on weekends and holidays, that’s the time naingit ako sa mga family na together every weekend, and when talking to my office mates na they eat on their own, kanya kanya sila sabi ko oopps how lucky I am that may I have family na waiting for me every night 🙂 and when I gave birth that’s more naiisip ko ang importance ng family.   But I’ve been thankful kung gaano sila ka strict before, siguro if they let me on my own, I won’t be like this. I will not be able to finish my studies, wala me maayos na life. Now na mommy na ako, alam ko na why they have been so protective before.

Now I have my own family, I’m still living with them but still they are still protective, hinahanap pa din nila ako if I’m still not home by seven, we still go out every weekends, we still eat and spend holidays together. I want Sam na lumaki same with us, to practice kung ano ginagawa namin ;

Here are the things that I want my children to practice;

1. Put GOD first in everything yo do
2. Pray every night/Pray together
3. Read bible every night
4. Love Mommy and Daddy forever
5. Love Brothers and Sisters forever
6.Love Lolo and Lola forever
7. Love everyone 
8.Say “po” and “opo”
9. Eat together
10. Spend weekend together
11. Open communication (guilty, it’s late na when I realized na importante pala ito)
12. For us we practice kiss on the cheeks instead of bless
13. Family first
14. Study hard
15. Not everything you can get, you have  to work for it
16. Learn to say NO
17. Choose your friends
18. Learn how to save
19.Spend holidays together
20. Discover things together
21. Learn how to SHARE
22. Respect elderly 
23. Respect others
24. Go out of town once in a while
25. Go out of the country once in a while
26. Learn how to GIVE
27. Gift giving in special occasion
28.Respect one another
29. Love your maids
30. Love animals

I’m lucky to have my mom and dad up to now 🙂

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