It’s Sam school assessment yesterday, I took a leave from work to be with him. Three weeks ago the admin already informed me about his schedule. Sam already knew the colors, numbers 1-10 (minsan baligtad mag count 🙂,he can distinguish the alphabet, he can answer what is your name, so kampante kami he can pass, my son is a smart kid also he can easily adapt in his environment and he can easily to get along with other people.

His school will be a three streets away from our house lang, lahat kami magkakapatid is product of that school, karamihan teachers namin before are still there

On our way

  Our first step is in admission office, dahil sa kilala kmi they easily accept my son but I need to pay na for the summer class which is Php 4500 for a month, which I think is expensive, when I inquired kasi sa mall it’s Php 3000-3500 lang pero okay talaga mga things and the teachers are graduated from La Salle and Ateneo. 

 I still insist that my son needs to undergo the assessment kasi isasama nila ang baby ko sa mga older kids so they asked me to pay the entrance exam which is Php 150.00

 We waited for our turn

I was not able to took a picture inside the room it’s not allowed kasi and I have to go out. From the start pa lang the teacher hesitate na i-accept si Sam he is too young for the nursery and she said she will not guarantee na mag kinder siya kasi nga toddler pa. Of course I got disappointed parang ayaw nya turuan anak ko imagine I need to pay 27+++ pero they will not guarantee if my son can adapt in school.

During his exam she is not patience with my baby, what kind of a teacher,gusto nya alam agad ni Sam ang grapes and carrots, my Gulay my son is 2.5 pa lang he know the colors and shapes but definitely hindi pa nya alam ang vegetables and fruits. Feeling ko na trauma baby ko, when we go out he said bad teacher. I just said don’t worry baby will look for a better school.

I know naman it’s to early pa
to put him in school, gusto ko lang he can socialize and can learn the same time

Next week will visit another school at Festival Mall the one who can accept toddler and yung mga teachers na accommodating.  

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