Hubby is always working late, he will be home 1030pm last night it’s 12 midnight na, we don’t have a chance to talk because I’m so sleepy and tired of taking care of our baby. From office kasi yesterday diretso me to get our laundry, when I got home I need to arrange the clothes, clean the room, and play with Sam, paliguan pa siya hay’s kapagod.
So kanina morning I asked Gloria to cook breakfast for us that is the only time that we can talk, habang tulog pa si kulit
We have eggs, sinangag and espada fish from Naga pasalubong ng friend ko. Thanks Carms for the espada

Delicious espada
My plate

At least before going to office we are able to eat together and make some kuwento, importante kasi sa relationship ang communication
Hope that he can go home early tonight 🙂

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