What a week, I’ve been busy for the last few days, no playtime for me sa work, serious mode always it’s not like me 
Hay’s I need a drink para ma energize, can’t drink wine no no no na when I become a mom 🙂 so on my way home I saw STARBUCKS wow I need that a refreshing drink, treat ko naman sarili ko for the busiest time ko now. Lucky I saw my mom’s senior card inside my purse hmmm try ko nga use sayang din 20% discount 🙂 evil  wink!!!!

  Super cozy this place and good thing walang tao sarap sana mag relax but I miss my son so much, I decided to go home na lang after my take out. Next time I will stay here ng matagal 🙂

Using my mom’s senior card I just paid Php 103.00 for a Grande Mocha Frap wow sulit 

Hmmmm I feel good and recharge na, ready na for next day work 🙂

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