Single pa lang ako I said it to myself the first apo will be coming from me, why ko ba naisip yun, usually first apo is super spoiled and may special treatment. 
Bago lumabas si Sam sa earth my parents been waiting for their first grandchild for five years since my brother first got married in year 2005. I got married year 2009 and I gave birth 2010, everyone is excited lalo na nalaman na boy maging baby ko. Kulang kami sa boys kasi my brother is the only boy in the family. 
So finally Sam is born on Oct 10,2010 it’s an emergency CS I told them nasa ER pa lang me waiting for a result kung i-admit na ko wala pang one hour nandun na sila. When the nursery open for viewing aba iniwan ako sa room at nagpuntahan lahat dun forget na ko he he he 🙂 And nag start na rin ang Sam the Spoiled Apo……. Sabi nga nila all the first apo will be spoiled and yah its true.
I’m still living with my parents, I have no problem living Sam in our house with a peace of mind alam ko that he is in good hands. What is good for being the firs grandchild Sam is super busog in love as in busog na busog as in siya ang first priority in short umiikot life namin sa kanya. I don‘t know if it is good or not but we are happy having him around and make us crazy. Sam gets a lot of attention from his grandparents and his tita, he gets the nicest gifts, he can have everything, bawal mapagalitan grandparents una hurt once napagalitan ang apo, bawal paiyakin hays dami bawal when it comes to their grandchild.
Sam can make things turn around he can make our lives happy in simple ways

First picture with Lolo and Tita
Lolo first picture
Sam’s first Mama
The Best Lolo and Lola
With his lolo the number one mag spoiled
With his angels


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