I don’t know whats wrong with me for the past few days ang iksi ng pisi ko, I got pissed off so easily siguro I’m busy sa work and stress in some areas and I feel so guilty if Sam saw me na mad. I can see on hi eyes how sad he is when I began shouting, he will immediately hug and kiss me and sabay “mommy please wag galit, don’t shout”. I feel so guilty hindi nya dapat makita yun, naka melt ng heart talaga when I saw the sadness in his face. I hug him agad and kiss and sabay “sorry baby i’m so sorry mommy loves you so much”.
That’s the time that I realized that I have to be careful in my every move, since Sam is always at my side ayoko cya ma trauma, matakot when someone is mad. I also realized that me as a mom as a parent I should act as a role model for my son,hindi puwede basta basta magalit. I have to control my temper, sometimes mahirap talaga lalo na pag you are so stress.
Steps to control your temper:
1. Manage your emotions- TIMEOUT!!! once you feel that na hindi mo na carry ang situation take a timeout count 1 to 10 and take a deep breath. Pag hindi pa din carry take a break from the person or situation until your frustration subsides.
2.  Give yourself a space- GO OUT!!! leave the room, find a place where you can express your anger, where you can shout. Pag calm ka na start to think na how you can you manage your anger
3. Think before you speak- If you are angry you can easily say something without thinking, hindi natin mababawi if we say something bad.
4.Breathe Deeply- As in malalim na hininga para makapagisip mabuti. 

5. Analyze the Problem- once you are calmed down, analyze what happen, ask your self san ba ko nagagalit or ano ikinakagalit ko, analyze all the possible things. Hays I know minsan mahirap talaga mag analyze once you are so mad, but we have to think what is happening talaga. Instead of focusing on what you made mad, work out na lang the possible solutions.

6. Solve the problem- after you analyze at okay na lahat solve na lang the problem para wala ng gulo.

7. Say sorry- wala mawawala if you will say sorry, admit it if you are wrong, say sorry para peace lahat. It’s a way din that your children see you na you can admit that you are wrong. 

At the end let’s practive LOVE LOVE LOVE

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