During my single days I used to shop till you drop, pag may 3 days sale go agad,max to the limit atm and cards. Principle ko that time, I’m working hard so I deserve a treat. If my dad complaining of my shopping habits, I will answer him naman agad, “Dad it’s okay to shop, instead to smoke, to gamble, to drink or any bad habits” so quiet na lang si father.
My mom would say sige just enjoy lang when you become a mom and a wife everything will change, by that time I’m just smiling at her, back of my mind hmmp chika lang yan, I can still shop, I won’t stop working may sarili me money. 
But it’s true, I got married September 19,2009 and I gave birth Oct 10,2010 so pagka one year namin as a married couple, the next month we are proud parents na. From the day that I learned that I’m pregnant, I learn how to save for my delivery, for baby needs and more savings to cover our expenses when I’m on my maternity leave.
I’m not expert when it comes to a financial budget ever ever mas more on gastos kasi me :-), during my shopping sa baby needs I learn not to be an impulsive buyer, I really searched a lot for good items. And when I become a mom, that’s the time that I realized na totoo pala na you cannot buy for yourself, you always think twice, mas gusto mo lagi si baby ang bibilhan mo. Even na alam mo na mabilis lumaki and once to twice lang masusuot. Iba talaga ang happiness if you shop for your kids.
Before, once na alam ko na may sale, I want me una and my first stop bags second shoes last ang clothes and make up. Now pag may sale first and last stop and kids section 🙂
Last weekend we are at Glorietta 3 days sale pala, after 4 hours of walking ang nabili ko for my self is one blouse and a wacoal bra, for my hubby one shirt pero when it comes to Sam complete set from new polo, shorts, pants, toy, diaper, new training cups etc.Na realize ko wow I’m mature na I can control myself na 🙂
But look what happen to my son’s stroller after our 4 hours walking, most of  the shopping bags sa sister ko she bought 4 shoes. She told me “Pagbigyan mo na ako because I’m a single, when I become a mom like you I cannot shop more”, hmmm cge na nga may point ka na. 

 If you are single enjoy as in enjoy, because your life will really change if you have kids and hubby na

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