My only HERO, My DAD
I’m not a perfect daughter, as in I’m pasaway during my teenage days, lahat naman ganon, kaya now super bawi ako sa mga parents ko. My dad is the best he is strict but he is so funny and street mart. For him family first, as in everything for his family he will do everything.
I’m already in 30’s with husband and a kid but for him I’m still like a little girl. He still used to check on me if I’m still not home by 7, he take good care of my little boy,he spoil my little boy, he check my car every day, he check if may bagong gasgas bangga car ko talas mata, he clean my car, he assist me on my needs, he take good care of us in case of emergency, he loves me and protect me always. And I feel so lucky to have him as my father, kahit gaano siya ka strict before sa akin, Naitindihan ko na siya now. Kung hindi siya strict before I will end up na patapon ang life and utang ko sa kanya, I’m so thankful sa guidance niya.
We are not typical dad and daughter na like sa tv na will say I love you or super touchy but we both know that we love each other and we will do everything to protect one another.

I love you so much Daddy, thank you is not enough for everything that you have done for us and for accepting me kahit napakadami ko mali sa life. 

Happy Father’s Day Daddy, enjoy your day mwah

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