I want to share to you ladies how to take good care of your Long Champ Bags. LC bags is so easy to clean that’s why love na love ko sila :-). 

Every LC has different styles and materials, different instructions also how to clean them;

Let’s start;

1. LE PLIAGE, PLANETES- to remove dirt, use cloth and soft brush with water and mild soap. Just clean the area only na madumi, as much as possible don’t spill the water on a leather part or in the whole bag.

2.DARSHAN- made of 100% cotton and calfskin. It must be protected by any water marks especially rain drops, bawal maulanan. Appearance can be change in every day use. To clean it brush it softly. 

3.VICTOIRE- made with fabric with cowhide leather buffalo leather with a python pattern. To clean the just use soft brush or cloth. Avoid water spilling on the whole bag.

4. Long Champ in Metal- Metalic glow can disappear in everyday use and repeated rubbing. To remove dirt just use soft brush or cloth only. 

Hope it helps 🙂

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