I’m always excited if weekend na, I can sleep till 830am lucky pag hindi nagising si Sam ng 7am, I can clean our room, and most especially I can spend more time with Sam.
Last Saturday we woke up around 830am, because si hubby may work that time, for 30 minutes Sam and I had “cham cham time” which means harutan sa bed. After niya mapagod he asked me to change his diapers, he wants brief daw, we are in a stage na ng potty training. Side kuwento : We don’t force him to have a potty training when he is young, siya mismo nagsabi na like niya na brief. Before his diaper a day is 4-6 now 2-3 na lang nakaka save na kami. He can say na if “wiwi” but when it comes to “pupu” he will ask to put a diaper again, hindi pa siya marunong.
After our changing routine we had our breakfast baked macaroni and toasted bread with butter, he can eat by himself also, he is really a big boy na talaga most of the thing he can do it alone na. We decided to have a lunch sa Jollibee, okay na rin kasi I need to do some errands, so excited si kulit, we always have a date namn yung kami dalawa lang, he is behave naman. We had an accident, iyak ako ng iyak after the incident. I’m so afraid what if may nangyari na mas matindi, nasaktan si Sam, I thanked God na wala nasaktan. Kaya simula ngayon we cannot leave the house na kami dalawa lang. 
After the incident, I realized that na kailangan ko pa talaga parents ko,wala ako iba masasabihan, when I called my mom I’m already crying she got panicked also if what happen, akala nila may nangyari kay Sam. But my mom  told me na just relax, wait and pray hindi ka namin pababayaan. How lucky I am to have them even I’m old enough and I should know how to deal with the situation ang ending kay mommy and daddy pa din takbo ko.
Sunday naman its positive vibes, we are not able to go to the church because dad is not feeling well kumain ba namn ng 4 pine apple. I also need to work for my small business. Ngaun kasi ilalagay signage namin.After 3 hours naikabit na din ang new name namin sa establishment

Still need to work out more sa loob ng drugstore, positive vibes we can attract more customers 🙂

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