After the accident, I was totally mentally blackout, I could not really remember what really happened, all I want that time is to protect my son. I’m so afraid, hindi ako makaiyak, I don’t want my son to see me crying baka matakot din siya. I have to act normal, but deep inside I’m so nervous, super panic as in everything.
When we got home I asked his Ate Gloria na pakainin siya I know na super hungry na siya, I could not think, I need somebody to talk too, hubby is not around may seminar, I called mama, I could not speak, iyak ako ng iyak, tumawag siya sa house para mas clear ang signal, and then I told her the details. She told me to be calm, at least okay kami mag ina. 
After we talked, diretso me sa room, Sam followed me and he told me “mommy wash hands”, and then I washed his hands, he asked for his milk and he said “let’s sleep”, he hugged and kissed me and he said the sweetest thing “I love you” as in buo yung three words before kasi short cut as in “lab yu” , I feel so loved nawala panic mode ko.  Parang alam niya na stress na ang mommy niya. Kids are really innocent talaga, kaya I’m so thankful nothing serious happen. I learned my lessons. Kaya ngayun we are grounded 🙁 no more mommy and sam date
To my dearest Sam, thank you for loving mommy, your hugs and kisses are enough to lessen my fear. I will do everything to protect you. Hope that you will love me forever 🙂 

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