Anyone can relate, well my son is like this everything is mine, even his lolo and lola mine daw. If lalapit kami to make lambing with his grand parents ayun nagwawala agad he will immediately run and shout “it’s mine, it’s my lola”. Kalokang bata.

I always teach him how to share, he will share naman yun nga lang most of the time he will share it lang sa like niyang mga tao. But what I like with him he really had respect for elders sa mga lolo and lola. Even hindi niya kilala he will smile with them and bless, he will share his food din. 

Toddlers has his own world talaga,it’s a magical place where they can discover things,new learnings, joys and frustrations. They have there own imaginations. As a parent we need to guide him in his every step of new learning’s.

Hay’s mahirap na masaya when you have a toddler, but the good thing is I also learn from him, and I become a good parent and inspiration for my son 🙂

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