I received a call from one of the school that I inquired for Sam’s toddlers school, they already have slot for morning class na yehey :-). Hope Sam can adopt easily for his trial class. It will be a three session per week. One of my option kasi is to enroll him at Kumon, but I want him to have a socialization first para sa readiness niya sa school niya next year

Everyday he will say “I want school”, but after that he will say “no bad teacher”. Na trauma ata sa school assessment niya before. Kaya we are looking for school na bata ang teacher with a pleasing personality. Hope he will like this one.
I am more excited for his trial class, hays time really flies imagine he will go to school na next year and by October he will be three years old.
Hmmmm masundan na nga yang bata na yan para hindi malungkot 

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