Sam is 2 years old and 9 months old but he is already in 4+++ feet and gain to much, most of the people would say he is so big, he is the biggest boy in his toddler class and siya din ang pinaka healthy :-).
They are asking me what vitamins niya, he just have two vitamins Cherifer syrup with taurine and CGF, and Ped Cee.

 Nag start lang siya mag vitamins when he was 6months old, ayaw kasi siya bigyan ng pedia niya on his early stage. Nag breast feed din kasi me that time so nothing to worry 

 Cherifer Drops with Taurine & CGF Drops
Indications:  Cherifer Drops With Taurine & CGF is fortified with taurine, an amino acid required for normal development of the nervous system and proper development of the infant’s retina. Taurine helps in the psychomotor development of a child, the ability to coordinate intellectual and motor skills, the ability to turn over at will, to sit, to crawl, stand and run.
Vitamin C increases the infant’s overall body resistance to stress, infections and common colds. It is needed for the synthesis of collagen, a connective tissue and for the growth and repair of body tissue cells, gums and blood vessels. It also functions in converting amino acids to substances needed for normal brain and nerve functions. The vitamin C content in Cherifer Drops With Taurine & CGF is sufficient enough to provide the daily needs of an infant.
Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is essential for normal growth and development of bones and teeth of infants. It enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorus that helps maintain bone integrity to make a child strong and healthy. Cherifer Drops With Taurine & CGF is fortified with 105% RENI of vitamin D that meets the daily requirement of an infant.

Description : 

Each 0.6 mL drops contains Chlorella Growth Factor (100% pure CGF) 5 mg, taurine 10 mg, vitamin A (equivalent to 420 mcg RE) 1400 iu, vitamin D3 200 iu, thiamine HCl (vitamin B1) 0.75 mg, riboflavin (vitamin B2) 0.75 mg, pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6) 0.75 mg, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 0.9 mcg, niacinamide (vitamin B3) 9 mg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 45 mg.

PeDCEE Ascorbic Acid
Description:  Children can get so many bumps and bruises in the course of playing around. And they also get exposed to so many germs and possible infections. Good thing there’s PEDCEE. With a full 500 mg of Vitamin C, your children will be able to handle life’s little bruises with flying colors.
But don’t think that PEDCEE is just for the little warriors in the family. PEDCEE is perfect for preventing Vitamin C deficiency in both children and adults. And for heavy smokers, drinkers, athletes or the elderly, PEDCEE is the solution for the greatly increased Vitamin C requirements of the body.
And for those with infectious diseases, chronic illness, or those who recently underwent medical operations, PEDCEE provides the Vitamin C needed for the synthesis of collagen, a connective tissue protein of the body necessary for the growth and repair of body tissue cells, tooth and bone matrix formation as well as gums and blood vessels. 
So far so good naman effect nila kay Sam he is healthy and a smart kid 🙂  

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