Ever since we experienced Ondoy last 2009,ayoko na ng ulan 🙁 imagine a week after our wedding kakabalik lang namn for honeymoon, baha ang sumalubong sa amin. It’s our first time to experienced na bahain sa loob ng house, ma stuck mga cars sa garage imagine in 5 minutes biglang taas ng water. We are not really prepared, we never imagine it will happen to us. Most of our things nasira. All my year books, pictures from debut, highschool and colleges were gone. Ang importante we are all safe. From 11 am to 3pm nagsasalansan kami ng water. Hays!!! that’s a really nightmare and a lesson for us.

Year 2010 and 2011 lucky wala masyado storm sa Manila, I have my little kulit na kasi, I don’t know saan ko siya ilalagay once na maulit Ondoy. 

2012, another tragedy when we experienced the Habagat flood again. Nagka phobia na siya every time it rain so hard. Kasi nga naman after the rain nagulat siya na puro na water sa loob ng house.

Kninang 3am, non stop rain since Saturday we are all alert if something will happen again. In God’s will wala nanman nangyari.Buong Metro Manila flooded na and in Laguna and some areas. Classes are suspended, lucky our work is suspended na din. 

Let’s keep safe, if wala naman tayo gagawin we just stay home and be prepared. 

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