Now I know totoo pala napapanood ko sa movies, na maghahanap pala talaga ang bata ng dadddy or mommy,it’s hard to answer and masakit pala talga.Eto ang challenging question for me 🙁

 In my situation easy lang naman nag answer his daddy is working late and sometimes even on week ends he needs to work, pero iba pa din feeling once he asked me “where is daddy?” The first time he asked me was last year, my brother and his family nasa house for a week, it was Sunday after our church service we are having lunch, when he asked me “mommy where is daddy”, I simply answered “his at work baby”, but I can see the sadness in his face. Maybe he was wondering why yung cousin niya kasama ang daddy. And that’s the time that I realized what if wala siya daddy or working abroad maybe it’s more difficult to answer. 

Imagine my little kulit, wala pa two by that time he asked me that question, in his young age he can think na there is something missing in his life. Kaya pala iba kahit malaki na they will still look and ask for there parents.
I salute single parents, ofw wife how they were able to survive this challenge question, how they answer there kids yung alam mo na hindi sila ma hurt or magiisip, they will not compare themselves sa iba. 
Don’t worry little kulit daddy will try his best to be go home early on weekdays, at least now he is rest day on weekends 
We love you so much 

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