My love month is February and September, February when we became a couple it was February 27,2006 to be exact after three years we decided to get married and it will be our second love month. 

It was year 2008 when I asked for a sign if Sherwin will be my forever partner in life, ang wish ko that time if September 19,2009 ang magiging wedding namin he will be my forever partner. Actually 2007 pa lang he proposed na but that time madaming kontra sa earth, year 2008 everyone wants us to get married but that time I am not emotionally ready, kaya I asked for a sign.
February 2009 when we celebrated our valentines and pre third year anniversary at Palawan with our friends, we really had a great time there. Sa Palawan uso ang mga albularyo and iba pa na madami alam, we across with one of the old man and he said you will get married by this year. We just smile at him and we both said we hope so, by that time we are still saving for our future, we know that we still don’t have enough. But at the end of the month unexpected money came,God answered our prayer.
For two years, every first Saturday nagpupunta kami sa Tierra De Maria at Tagaytay, I keep on praying if I will get married someday I want it to be 9-19-09, basta gusto ko ang date na yan, and another wish was granted by Tierra De Maria.
We are trying to change the date for the wedding may mga nagpapahintay kasi, but every time ibang date madaming problem sa supplier sa church and etc. So we stick on the date that I really want. Maybe God telling me “eto pinag pray mo tapos pinapalitan mo”.
And our wedding anniversary is September 19,2009 and we are going four years 🙂 and still counting.
For the month of September I will share my happiest moments in my life “my wedding” and some ways for a happy marriage 
Let’s keep the Love in our lives 

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