My dad is super excited to have his first grand child, nung nalaman ng preggy ako ayun he is so tutok when it comes to my pregnancy. He is the substitute na kasama ko sa check up if hubby is not around. As expected the first grand child is super spoiled, he is  so patience when it comes to my little kulit siya ang nagpapakain, nagpapaligo and dakila na nag spoiled.

Eh anu nga ba magagawa ko, sabi nga nila mas mahal daw tubo sa puhunan. So sila ang lagi mag kakampi 🙂 imagine my little kulit ang nagturo sa lolo niya to play games in iphone

Here are the moments of mag lolo 

Sam is 4 days old, first  picture with his lolo

First time in Baguio, Sam in his 4th month

Sam’s baptismal on his 6th month

First Fathers Day celebration with his first grand child
Daddy’s 60th birthday his first birthday celebration with his first grand child
Little kulit first birthday
Sleeping partner
Little kulit first hair cut, first bukol
Little kulit first time in Subic
Sam with his lolo and lola first photo booth pic
Little kulit first time as a bible bearer

 I hope that Sam will grow up like his lolo 🙂 i love you both

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