“For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party”

It’s my first to join a contest here in a blog world, and its fun it’s so easy just write something about you and your kid and send it. I’ve started my blog this year lang and one of the bloggers that I follow is “Bebengisms” you can check her blog here

Since both of us loves September, I find my self lucky and inspired writing this entry for her birthday contest 🙂 hope I will win, I want to meet her in personal. To anyone who wants to join the Bebengisms Cyber party you can check her post here  

29 things or more about me 🙂

1. I am Mommy to my Little kulit who is now 2.11 years old
2. I am a wife to my hubby Sherwin
3. I am a daughter, a sister and a friend
4. I am Anna sexy 
5. I am a God fearing person
6. I am totally changed person when I become a mommy
7. I love my family so much
8. I am Executive Assistant to the President of our company (stressful but happy)
9. I love to eat
10. I love to read
11. I love to watch tv, movies and dvd’s
12. I love facebook
13. I love to read blog
14. I am starting to blog and loving it
15. I love to travel
16. I love to write on my journals
17. I love picrtures
18. I love coffee
19. I love bags
20. I love shoes
21. I love pink
22. I love red lipstick
23. I love my Persian cat Porsha
24. I love perfumes
25. I love pillows
26. I love buffet
27. I love personalized things
28. I believe in destiny
29. I love hand accessories
30. I love cake
31. I love Tagaytay
32. I love chocolates
33. I love gel pens
34. I love organizers
35. I cannot live without my blanket
36. I am entrpreneur

5 Things or more about my Little kulit

1. He is well baby when he was born
2. Super active and hyper baby
3. Smart baby boy
4. Happy Baby
5. He loves ball
6. He loves basket ball
7. He loves mickey mouse
8. He loves cars
9. He is so daldal
10. He can eat alone when he was 1.5 years old
11. He loves jollibee
12. He loves “So good” KFC
13. His first love is sponge bob
14. He loves cake

Things about Mommy Anna and My Little Kulit

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