As a mom we will do anything to protect our kids, especially now a days kids are so active and hyper. One of my greatest fear is the insect bites, even I have a boy, I don’t like him to have an insect bite on his skin.

I have a sensitive skin, and namana sakin ni baby so we are so careful sa lahat ng gagamitin niya. Like me, insect bites last long sa skin niya hirap tangalin. I used momate before when he was still a baby it’s effective naman but it would take 2 weeks para mawala ang mark. I tried other products too but the same thing matagal effect. 

Last week I went to baby land, and I bought this products the tiny buds, before kasi akala ko they have toothgel lang that Little kulit is using now. 

Tiny Buds wipes, hand sanitizer and tiny buds scratch off

My favorite is Tiny buds scratch off, I guaranteed that this one is super effective in two days time wala na insect bites 🙂 super happy with this for Php 165.00 only worry free ka na.

 Tiny Buds Scratch Off soothing gel is specially formulated with natural ingredients to help soothe skin discomfort, insect bites and other minor irritation. It comes in light and non greasy gel for easy application. The natural product is carefully formulated free from Parabens, petroleum, artificial color and fragrance.

Tiny Buds Kids Hand Sanitizer spray 

 This one is super safe with kids, it smells great less alcohol. 

Tiny Buds stick hand wipes is gently formulated with chamomile and Vitamin E to clean and moisturize baby’s skin. 

I’m so excited to try more tiny buds products 🙂

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