Super sadness Tuesday, since morning we are so stress sa work because we need to find a O- blood donor for our boss, she has dengue. Napaka hirap ng blood niya natawagan ko na lahat red cross, hospital and philippine army, wala sila stock.

And then another sadness happened, my dearest Lola Naty passed away around 530 to 6pm, I’m so shocked at sad, the last time that I visited her was last week and she is so lively and happy. She is just complaining her eyes malabo na daw and nagluluha. But nothing serious, We even decided that we will go to SM.

I super duper love my lola, she is the one who take good care of me when I was a kid and up to now, she spoiled me a lot , I’m so lucky that she was able to see my son and nakarga pa niya. Sam is also one of the happiness ni Lola. 

My lola nagturo sakin how to have a simple life, be happy and contented and always be thankful. Siya nagturo sakin how to eat mangang hilaw with bagoong.

I love you so much, we love you so much. You will be forever in my heart.

Lola’s last birthday celebration 

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