We always have a study time for our Little Kulit before he can play his tablet or our iphone, his morning class is with his lola at night time with me or with his Tita. In fairness mas magaling mag turo tita niya. His Lolo’s contribution is to teach our Little Kulit to be a street smart 🙂 dyan kasi magaling Lolo niya.
Little Kulit at two he can identify the colors already at 2.5 he can identify letter A-Z most of the teachers are amazed that he can identify X Y Z mostly daw kasi at his age A B C lang and sa songs na familiar unlike Sam point the letter and he can answer it. At 2.10 he can count on his fingers 1-10 and he can identify 1-20 pero pag channel sa TV alam na alam 48 baby tv 49 disney junior

Writing session thru Iphone

Last Sunday after his snacks, study time na after kulitan pa

Ang batang makulit na ayaw gumamit ng table and chair

 After ng three numbers ayaw na, play time na daw pero he insist to have his star, at dahil wala me nabili na star n stamp, eto na lang medal ata yan 🙂

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