Little Kulit will be celebrating his birthday 2 days from now, I want to surprise him with balloons and cakes and some mickey mouse stuffs.
If someone asked me what Sam wants for his birthday, siyempre ang nanay mamimili I just said “no toys please” wala na ako mapapaglagyan and besides he is not so into toys balls lang talaga hilig niya and some car stuffs. I rather ask for pajamas and shorts or some educational books.
I decided to give him a personalized coloring book, I ordered at Look It’s About Me, you can check the link here
He is into colors, I decided to give him personalized book which he is the main character, I am excited na ibigay na sa kanya :-). The coloring cost Php 395.00, since it has a promo when I avail it less 15%, they can ship the item or you can pick it up. They can also wrap it for you with extra cost of course. After I filled up the ordered form, I received a confirmation thru email and I paid at BPI, in less than a week my order is ready for pick up. The good thing also they are very hands on and always may update, if ano maganda or bagay, you don’t need to follow up with them.
Here is My Little Kulit personalized coloring book

Our special dedication with our baby

  Happy Birthday Little Kulit

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