It’s been 6 days since the tragedy, and I’m still hurting and crying if I watched news and reading status in social media. I can’t imagine what the pain and suffering they have.  How come that our government is so slow, why do they need to have a protocol in distributing relief goods. Donations coming from all private sectors and all over the world how come na wala pa din na rereceive mga tao dun. Hope that our local government, can think a faster way to help them. Hindi sila masisi if they become violent, they are hungry, tired and depress. Kung millionaire lang ako I would hire a private plane and will do my own relief operation. Super hurt kaya I you saw kids and seniors na hirap na hirap.

In my own little way, I donate some money and goods to help them, and my time for packing relief goods here in our office. We have satellite office in Ormoc Leyte and Bogo Cebu, offices are slightly damaged, no one is hurt from our office mates, but most of there house are totally damaged. 
Hope that our government improve there system for faster actions and let us all pray that our brother and sisters can survive this tragedy 

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