My Little Kulit loves to eat biscuits, one of the major sponsor at Crimson Hotel during All Treats No Tricks is the Lotte, which is Koalas March.

Meet Koala 

Included small pack of koala biscuit sa loot bag and it taste good, like niya so he asked me to buy one for him. I was able to buy at Puregold. There are two flavors chocolate and strawberry. Each box cost Php 31.25

 He choose the Green box and it’s chocolate flavor, it is made from egg, milk, wheat,soy. Koala March is a crispy biscuit loaded with rich, premium chocolate filling. 

 The biscuit is small lang so nothing to worry na ma choke ang kids

 It’s easy to open, just pull the tab on the side and you will see the foil pack easy to tear din so the kids can enjoy there biscuits already

Here is my Little Kulit loves to eat Koala March 🙂

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