Last Thursday, hubby and I had a movie date it’s been a while since we last watched a movie as far as I remember Breaking dawn pa yun. Since I gave birth na kay Little Kulit na ang time namin, umiikot na sa kanya. 
Last year when hubby told me that I don’t have time for him, na kay Little Kulit na lahat, he is not complaining naman but he just want to inform me na may hubby din me na dapat bigyan ng time. That’s the time that I realized ay oo nga pala I need to have a romantic time with my hubby, we need to be a couple not just a parents to our kid. Buti na lang sinabi sa akin ni hubby at hindi siya nagloko. That’s how lucky I am to have him. I know that he loves me so much. 
During our bf/gf time we are always together and paguwi nasa fone pa din telebabad, first months of married couple we still celebrate our month-sarry, 5 months after when I got pregnant so from thereon always si baby na nasa isip namin. But don’t get me wrong, we don’t fall out of love we still celebrate special occasion, we still sleep together, we still exchanging sweet notes, text, we still say I love you to one another everyday. It’s just that we are lack of time to one another yung kami dalawa lang. They said to a success of marriage is to have romantic time to one another. Ewan ko ba naman sa akin, lagi ko naiisip si Little Kulit come to think of it parents ko naman nagaalaga sa kanya.
Last week was a stressful week for me, since we need to do repacking of relief goods late na me nakakauwi for three days. So when hubby asked me to have a movie date, I said yes agad baka maghanap ng ibang kasama pa 🙂
We watched She is the One, love ko kasi mga romantic movies in fairness maganda siya. Our first date is a Bea and John Llyod movie din 🙂
And we both decided to do this more often yung kami dalawa lang kahit 2-3 hours lang yung wala kang hahabulin na Little Kulit sa mall
Lovely couples here are some ways how we can have a quality time to our partners

1. Schedule the time each week- you can either have a movie date or dinner. It doesn’t need to be magastos and bonga as long as you are together okay na yun.
2. Give up your tv, internet- for once spend time to one another with out tv/ internet.
3. Walk around the block together- we do this one if we want to eat ice cream sa kabilang street namin 
4. Send sweet notes to each other during the day- a simple text or quick email can make your day brighten
5. Listen to music
6. Have a bed time routine 
7. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
8. Snuggle together and watched a movie
9. Dance together
10. Reminisce things/memories
11. Hold hands more often
12. Take a shower together
13. Always say I love You to one another
14. Have Sex 🙂
 Time matters to a successful relationship

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