I really miss you sis, it’s our first time not to celebrate your birthday together. She loves to treat us during her special day.

We have been friends for more than 16 years na, we met during college days; she is transferee from St. Scholastica. I cannot remember how we met basta alam ko na lang we become close. Kathy is a true friend, she never left me from happy to saddest day of my life. Karamay ko sa lahat ng bagay.

Lahat ng remarkable year of my life we are together, I still remember how she take good care of me during my loka loka moments nung college kami, he knows my love life so much. She is my movie partner, food trip partner and shopping partner. kahit married na ako we still find time na magkita yun nga lang may bitbit na ako na Little Kulit and may curfew na. 

She is with me during my first trip in Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, during my debut, bridal shower, wedding, pregnancy journey, giving birth, baptismal, Little Kulit first birthday and many many more.

Sis here are some of our memories 🙂 

Barkada Picture for our College Year Book
Barkada pic when we are already working
Christmas Party 2010

She is my veil sponsor and my bridal shower organizer

She is also with me when I am craving for something when I was preggy, well she is also with me during the time na I still don’t know that I am already pregnant. 

MOA 3 weeks preggy

3 Months Preggy at Josephines Tagaytay
One Pregnant @ Leslies Alabang

 First visitors when I gave birth

 My Little Kulit ninang

 Last dinner before she left for Canada

 Happy Happy Birthday sis, you know that I am so happy for you right now and I wish you all the best sis.

Love yah 

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